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There Are Many Reasons to Choose a Slim Sex Toy

Reasons to Choose a Slim Sex Toy

There are many reasons why people choose a slim sex toy. Some have narrow vaginas or experience vaginismus. Others find that thicker toys don’t do it for them. 

Slim toys are generally more versatile in their uses and encompass those that are not marketed how you would expect. For example, many 'couples' toys can be used alone just as pleasurably as they would with a partner. 

Meanwhile, labelling toys as specifically for 'anal' pleasure generally means that these are safe for anal play rather than exclusive to it. I.e., their flared base means they won’t get sucked up and need to be retrieved from your back passage by a health professional (eek!).

To make things simpler, we have concocted a list of slim toys you can use for vaginal penetration or teasing if you wish. For each option, there is a diameter in inches and the approximate equivalent of finger size (e.g. Dilator 3 of the set is approximately the same size as one index finger).

Please remember that we always recommend using lube when using a slim sex toy.

Sh! Vibrating Dilators

Our handmade dilator set is a firm favourite among health professionals who treat patients with vaginismus or vulvodynia.

Our dilators are a perfect blend of soft-and-firm to the touch, 100% body-safe, they vibrate, and you don’t need to buy all four. Each dilator has a tapered tip and is available in a soft lilac.

Dilator 1 has a petite diameter of 0.3 inches and is about 1/3 of a finger.
Dilator 2 is 0.5 inches and appx 1/2 of a finger.
Dilator 3 is 0.75 inches and about the same size as one finger.
Dilator 4 is the largest in the set and is 1 inch and closer in size to two fingers.

Four vaginal dilators in graduating sizes, in lilac. A small vibrating bullet in gold and a black USB cable.

Gaia Eco Vibrator

A world’s first for sex toys, this biodegradable vibrator is brilliantly easy to use. The longer shaft measures 1 inch or two fingers.

Gaia is fairly mild on the vibration intensity scale. It is also very quiet, in case discretion is essential.

Gaia Eco Vibrator in turquise

Rocks Off Bullets

Rocks Off bullets are significantly less intimidating than bulkier toys for those who may want to try something for penetrative play. Although they are marketed as clitoral toys, these are also great for vaginal penetrative play!

The Rainbow Bullet, for instance, is a neat 0.65 inch - meaning it is just slimmer than the size of an average-sized finger. 

A slim bullet vibrator in metallic rainbow colours

Crystal Chic Slim Vibe

Slinky with added diamantes, treat yourself to this bullet if you wish to explore a shaft smaller than one finger (a diameter of 0.6 inch). It's silky soft, body-safe and goes for hours and hours (up to 14 on its lowest vibration intensity setting). Just make sure you buy some batteries as you'll need 2 x AAA.

slim vibrator in pink with decorative crystals

Beginners Butt Plug 1

Don't be put off by categories. If it's the right size for your vagina, it doesn't matter if it comes in a box with the word 'butt' on it.

This plug may have been designed for anal pleasure, but you can still use it for vaginal play or dilation. The widest point of this butt plug is 0.9 inch - a smidge smaller than two fingers.

It's important to note that whilst butt plugs can be used for vaginal play, not all clitoral or vaginal toys are safe for anal use. Safety lies in the design. Never put anything without a flared base or a handle into your bottom as it can end badly.

slim butt plug in hot pink with heart-shaped base

Cupid 1 & Cupid 2

The tip of Cupid 1 is tapered for easy insertion. This silicone dildo is 3.5” inches in length and 1 inchat the widest insertable diameter. This is akin to two fingers. At its narrowest, Cupid 1 is the approximate size of one finger.

The Cupid 2 is one size bigger. At 4.5 inches in length and with the widest point of 1.25 inches - slightly larger than two fingers in girth. Cupid 2's tapered shape means it's just under two fingers at its slimmest point.

cupid 1 silicone dildo in marble purple and white

Wirly 1, Wirly 2 & Wirly 3

Our Wirly dildo range is narrow with a twisted texture to add another sensation to penetrative play. The smallest size we make is 3.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width (two fingers).

The second size (W2) is the same width but longer at 5.23 inches and Wirly 3 is a bit larger than the width of two fingers (1.25 inches) and longer (7 inches - although you don’t need to insert all of this).

wirly 2 slim, ribbed dildo in pink and white marble

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit

Our bestselling rabbit is slimline at 1.25 inches (two fingers in width) and 4.5 inches in length. With beaded massage sensations, 12 vibration settings and an extra nib to stimulate the clit, it’s a trusty toy for exploring vaginal play.

It's worth noting that the rotating beads in the shaft are very useful if you are dilating or need to stretch the opening of the vagina due to scarring or atrophy.

Sh! slimline rabbit vibrator in purple

Sh! Blue Glass Double Dildo

Enjoy the ribbed texture of the slimmer end of this beautiful double-ended glass dildo. At 0.7 inches, this dildo is for those comfortable with inserting one finger into the vagina.

Glass as a sex toy material is amazing. You can explore temperature play (stick it in the fridge for a little before usage for a cooling sensation).

Many folks love experiencing the firmness of a glass dildo whilst using a vibrator to stimulate other erogenous zones, like the clitoris.

slim glass dildo in blue with two non-identical ends

NJoy Fun Wand

Similarly to glass toys, dildos that are stainless steel are favourites for those who enjoy a firm edge to their toy and perhaps a bit of temperature play.

The beaded end of the NJoy Fun Wand is brilliant for anyone looking to explore vaginal penetration and is ok with inserting one finger. What sets steel toys apart is their weightiness, which is irresistibly sexy.

Njoy steel wand with three beads on one end and a larger, single bead on the other end

Read more sex toy advice here.

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