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Self-Care During Self-Isolation

Self-Care During Self-Isolation - Sh! Women's Store

For many, self-isolation is a concept invoking a lot of sharp inhales and anxiety. Never has our society faced a time such as this–of grounding entire nations to a halt for a daunting period of time (eek)! It’s so easy and natural to become overwhelmed by such unusual, looming circumstances of staying indoors without socialising. Yet, there are plenty of small techniques to find some solace and reclaim relaxation during self-isolation.

Many online sources are designed to help calm nerves and improve overall mental wellbeing.

Meditation is an amazing tool to help gain more control of your mind and to shut out intrusive, negative thoughts. If you’ve never tried this before and fancy looking into it, guided meditations are up on YouTube and also have specific apps dedicated to them, like Calm.

If you want something more active to release endorphins, why not try an online exercise tutorial? YouTube is literally bursting with them. "Self-isolation" is quite a harsh way to verbalise a chance to take some time for yourself and reflect. Perhaps, you can find a new hobby? Watch that film you’ve always wanted to. Read a book. If you are living alone, make sure you find time for laughter and explore the comedy section of your go-to streaming site.

If there are others living at yours too, now is the time to really put effort into establishing boundaries through clear communication because the salons may not be open when you've torn each other's hair out.

Recognise that stress is powerful.

It can affect individuals physically and mentally. If you can find a way to shut off your mind for a while then take the time and do it. Turn off your mobile in the evening. Read the news a set amount of times a day–and no more! Have a bath and light your favourite scented candles. If it feels right...explore your sexuality.

So often, people come to our store with the problem that they feel disconnected from their sense of sexuality. Busy schedules involving work and hectic social lives often barricade the time to explore sex, away from the individual. Sexual pleasure falls lower down the list of priorities and soon enough, you feel like a distinct entity, separate from it. If ever there was a time to sit down and acquaint yourself with yourself, self-isolation is it.

Breaking days down into segments of activities depletes that feeling of being overwhelmed by a completely empty schedule. It makes the unmanageable seem doable. It also allows you to physically make the time to achieve some sexual satisfaction.

Whenever we suggest planning play-time for yourself or with a partner, we are always met with scepticism. Our society seems to find it unsexy to schedule in sexy. A spur of the moment sexual encounter is usually the type of sex fetishized by the media and erotica. Yet, pencilling a play into the diary can become your saucy little secret. It paints a wry smile on your face, especially when your friend Sandra asks if you’re free for a socially-distanced phonecall at that time tomorrow...sorry, Sandra.

Orgasms are notorious for being a massive stress relief.

Releasing a wave of positive hormones in your body, that delightful inner eruption is more soothing than any scalp massage we’ve ever had (if you’ve had one of them before you will know how strong this statement is). Our unanimously favourite time-filler on the Sh! team is to don your favourite pants and dedicate a full hour to self-exploration. Try a toy you’ve never used before. Lay in a bubble bath or amongst your comfiest sheets. If other people are in your house and you’re worried what they may hear, play your favourite music a notch louder than usual and play with a quiet toy. Perhaps, you play with none at all; ON Ultra Arousal Oil is a brilliant solution to enhancing sexual sensation without a noisy buzz factor.

Saying all of this, it comes as a spanking great contradiction that stress can be the biggest hindrance to experiencing sexual arousal or orgasm.

If you find yourself in this position at the moment and are not happy about it, don't despair! Take your focus out of your orgasm and place it instead into your pleasure. Read some erotica to focus your mind without any end goal of sexual touch or orgasm. Listen to your body and go with whatever it desires. You may want to start feeling your erogenous zones; you may not. If something feels nice, keep that in mind as you continue to explore. If not, that’s totally fine too--it's important to stay true to yourself, your desires and your needs, whatever they are.

Self-isolation doesn't have to be lonely. Texting or calling someone can go a long way for both of you. If you don't have anyone to call right now, try the Samaritans; or, if you know someone who is alone then reach out to them in whatever way is best. Overall, whatever happens over the next few months, the vast majority of us are in a similar boat to each other.

Stay safe and healthy, with love from the Sh! team xxx

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