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Quick Guide to Sexual Health for Women

Quick Guide to Sexual Health for Women - Sh! Women's Store

Below is our quick guide to a vaginal M.O.T – tick these off, and your vagina will thank you! You're welcome x

How to wash your vulva

Hot water, scented soaps and over-washing are among the most common causes of Bacterial Vaginosis. It stands to reason we want to give our flaps good wash if we think we 'smell,' but you're not doing yourself any favours. Use lukewarm water and gentle, plain soap to wash the outer parts of your vulva and your anus. Honestly, it's enough.

Take a closer look

Grab a mirror and take a closer look at your vag. This can feel really confronting, but actually, you might find that the more you look, the more you bond with your juicy peach! Keeping an eye on your vulva (the outer parts) ensures you'd notice any changes if they were to appear.

Wear vagina-friendly underwear

We all like a fresh pair of panties, right, so changing undies is once or twice per day, depending on what sweaty activities you get up to, is good practice. It’s even better to air it out every now and again! Sleeping without bottoms is good for your nethers, so give it a chance to breathe when you can.

Thongs are sexy but can be bad for your overall vag health. Whatever your style, make sure the gusset is made out of cotton to ensure your vagina is happy & healthy.

Vaginal and anal M.O.T

Regular check-ups are always good, especially if you’re sexually active. Some sexually transmitted infections are symptom-free, which means 1. You can go with it for a long time, and 2. you can pass it on to others without meaning.

If you experience any suspicious symptoms, you should book yourself in asap. By 'suspicious,' we mean thick, frothy discharge, a fishy-smelling scent or anything else that seems different. Better safe than sorry babes, get it checked out.

The clinic should also offer an anal swab. While we know it sounds unpleasant, it’s an opportunity to find out if anything is lurking in the shadows of your butt. Get it done. And then treat yourself to something nice for being so good. You deserve it.

Cervical screening

Your GP should send you a letter when it’s time to book an appointment, but if you think you need to be seen sooner, go ahead and make that call. No one enjoys having a smear test done, but it’s two minutes out of your day and could literally save your life.

If you have Vaginismus, the thought of having a smear test done can be incredibly stressful. This Vaginismus Network guide on smear tests is fantastic, and we recommend taking a look.

Why you should exercise your pelvic floor

Pelvic floor exercises can be done while working, queuing at the supermarket, or during sex. (Yes, you read that right!) The point of exercising your pelvic floor is to keep it toned and under control (no leakage). But, once we realised that a toned pelvic floor can enhance pleasure and orgasms, we were far more into doing them regularly. 

Period tracker apps

Keeping an eye on your periods is easy with one of the many apps available for mobile phones. Using a period tracker allows you to record your flow, premenstrual symptoms, and it’ll even remind you a day or three in advance. Game changer! Next time your GP asks about your last period, you can dazzle ’em with a list of info!

Read more sexual wellbeing advice here. 

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