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Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls

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3 Weighted Kegel Exercisers for PC Strength & Enhanced Orgasm

Luxury Kegal Balls from British sex toy barns Je Joue

Weight range from 53g - 100gm

Progress through weights as you get stronger

Ami 1: Easy / Ami 2: Middling / Ami 3: Tricky but worth it!

Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls is a set of three weighted love balls are covered in soft silicone and designed to help tone up the PC muscle.

Ami are like the Goldilocks of kegel exercisers: Wherever you are in PC strength, you'll be able to step up or grade down, giving you much more adaptability than regular love balls

- Ami 1 is a single ball with light moving weight inside, suitable for beginners. It's not too big so it's easy to get used to having it in.

- Ami 2 is a set of linked twin love balls, a little heavier than Ami 1. Ami 2 features moving weights - a factor some women find provides G-spot pressure and stimulation.

- Ami 3 is the smallest and heaviest. It takes practice to keep this one in place.

Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls set is a fantastic collection of stunning silicone balls to use as a training programme for building up PC strength. There are lots of great reasons to give your PC muscle a workout - among others, a strong PC muscle can mean stronger orgasms and the infamous G-spot orgasm is believed to be easier to achieve with a super-fit PC so there's every reason to work it!

Customer Reviews

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SLIM: >1.25" (1-2 Finger)

Wearing the Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls out and about can liven up your day and put a smile on your face!

Useful Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls 
Material: Silicone
Phthalate Alert: None
Actual Length:
Je Joue Ami 1: 102mm /  2: 152mm / 3: 142mm
Playable length:
Je Joue Ami 1: 37mm / 2: 80mm / 3: 70mm
Diameter (at widest):
Je Joue Ami 1: 39mm / 2: 33mm /  3: 30mm
Weight: Je Joue Ami 1: 53g /  2: 72g / 3: 100g Ease of Use: Je Joue Ami 1: Easy / Am2: Middling / Ami 3: Tricky but worth it
Waterproof: Yes
Lube: Water-based Only

Care & Cleaning of Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls: Wash Sh! Toy Cleaner or mild soap & rinse thoroughly. Store incool, dark clean place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lilith Dillon-Parkin Dillon-Parkin

For those not in the know, love balls are used to train the pelvic floor muscles in people with vaginas - simply slip them in and they make Kegel training a lot more sexy and enjoyable. The reason for them being enjoyable is the fact they have a rumbling ball inside of them, which moves when you move. I was intrigued by this set simply because they have three options for training, going up in terms of weight - Ami 1 is the single ball which rumbles, Ami 2 is the biggest double and rumbles too, and then Ami 3 is 100g (the heaviest) and solid, so no rumbling there. As they offered so much in one box, I plumped for them. They are easily insertable, and once you lube them up, they should slip in without issue. What I like about them is the squishy silicone coating, which makes them seem less 'medical' than other love balls on the market. As I'm fairly young (20 at the time of this review) I didn't find any of them a challenge to keep in - but as they're on the big size, I didn't expect this to be an issue anyway. The rumbling in 1 and 2 is very pleasant, but I went for 3 pretty much right away. I can't feel 3 when wearing it, which I suppose is due to my muscles being pretty well trained already! However these are, to me, the nicest looking and presented love balls on the market - if you want to ease yourself into using them,. They are very body-friendly, and easy to clean. All in all, the faults were with me, not the toys - I'll likely go for the most rattley feeling in the hand, which I think would work better for me personally.


I must confess I haven't used these a great deal for actual exercise but they are great fun! They certainly put a smile on my face when I wore them out of the house (if you wiggle your bum a bit you can feel them jiggle about!) and if you're into anal I can highly recommend wearing one vaginally whilst you or your partner gives your ass some attention ;)


I have to confess to a certain disappointment with the Ami Vaginal Balls. Although I have had a certain amount of fun with them - they feel good against one's g-spot when masturbating (especially if you play a little game of tug-of-war with them and try to pull them out while stimulating your clit with your finger or a vibrator) - the much promised sensation of knocking around inside has not materialised. Maybe it's just the way I'm made but I can't feel it. Another irritation - literally - is the hard loop of silicone which is quite irritating to the entrance of one's vagina if the balls are worn for any length of time. I would go for the heaviest feeling knocking in one's hand and a single string pull out if I bought another pair.


Ever since falling for Je Joue’s MiMi toy I have become a huge fan of their well made & well thought out products. The Ami exercise balls are another triumph for them in terms of something that is easy and practical to use and which really delivers on its promise.The Ami set comes in a gorgeous presentation box, like their other toys, which contains 3 silicone vaginal exercise balls of different weights and sizes so that you can do your PC workout to its fullest potential and at the pace that you’re comfortable with in the 3 different steps that it provides in the set.Ami ball 1 is a single lighter weight ball with a moving weight inside that is suitable if you’re just starting out for the first time. Ami ball 2 is a linked set of balls which is a bit heavier and contains a double moving weight (which feels awesome! Who said exercise couldn’t be fin eh?) This one is suitable for those wishing to progress from Ami 1. Then Ami ball 3 is a slightly smaller and much heavier version of Ami ball 2, which really gives you an intense workout.Inside the presentation box they also provide a great little booklet which contains advice on doing the exercises and offers a few ideas for them.I have really found these exercise balls a total pleasure to use and feel that they are doing a great job in helping me keep my muscles in tip-top shape… well worth doing the exercises for as it also feels so nice using them.


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