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Kissing: Smooching & Sensual Lip-Locking

Kissing: Smooching & Sensual Lip-Locking - Sh! Women's Store

Kissing. Smooching. Lip-locking. One of our favourite past-times. And maybe yours? Here are four fun facts you may not know about kissing: 

  • The study of kissing is known as philematology. And someone who studies kissing is called an osculologist. Neither term is particularly sexy, but we could make it work in role-play scenario. *wink*
  • The longest kiss recorded in history lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds? That is quite the smooch! (Surely they were given refreshments and lip balm applications? This lengthy lip-locking sesh sounds drying!)
  • The Germans have a word for a smooch to make up for missed ones, called Nachk√ľssen. And the French call French kissing 'soul-kissing' which is super-romantic... *Sigh*
  • In some Native American cultures, it's believed that kissing can transfer positive energy and good health.

Smooches Are Beneficial To Your Health 

Kissing can have a range of health benefits. Beyond just producing more saliva, which can help strengthen your teeth, locking lips with someone can release endorphins - the hormones responsible for making us happy and reducing pain. In addition, kissing has been shown to boost immunity against infections, increase lifespan, and improve overall relationship satisfaction.

Who knew that puckering up could have such a positive impact on your overall well-being?

No Smooching Allowed 

Kissing is a universal act of love and affection, but different cultures have different traditions and beliefs. Kissing has been banned in certain parts of the world. For instance, public displays of affection can lead to arrest in Saudi Arabia. Boo! 

Kissing is still considered taboo and is not commonly practised in public in some parts of India.

Some parts of Sudan believe that the mouth is the window to the soul, and therefore, kissing is not encouraged as the soul can be stolen through the mouth.

In 1910, there was a rumour that the French banned kissing at train stations to prevent commuter delays. (Fair. Places to go, babes!)

In 1439, Henry VI banned kissing in England in response to an outbreak of Plague. The ban wasn't aimed at lovers but at kissing as a greeting, which the King worried was increasing the infection rates. Again, fair. Maybe that's how the air-kiss came to be. 

The kissing ban signs at Warrington Bank Quay Station were removed three weeks after they were put up in 2009. They were auctioned off for Comic Relief, thus turning a kissing ban into a positive event.

Lips vs Eye Lashes 

There are certain cultures where kissing was not a part of their tradition until the arrival of Europeans. For instance, the Trobriand Islanders had their unique way of expressing love which involved several stages of sucking and biting that ultimately led to the biting off of each other's eyelashes. (No, thank you.)

Kissing Contracts 

Marriage vows are often sealed with a kiss, but did you know a similar tradition exists in the business world? It's said that, in the past, people who couldn't read or write would sign a contract with an X and add a kiss to show their sincerity. This practice eventually gave way to 'XOXO' in written communication, still used today to convey warmth and affection.

The Romans also used a kiss to signify the completion of a contract, dating back to ancient times. Conveying warmth, affection, and sincerity has been a part of human interactions since the beginning of civilization.

Kissing Is Sometimes Bad For You

A 10-second kiss can transfer an incredible 80 million bacteria. Most of these bacteria are harmless, but glandular fever, oral herpes, and flu are among the most common illnesses that can be spread through kissing. 

There have been rare cases where kissing has caused more serious issues. In China, a woman lost her hearing after an intense kiss that burst her eardrum due to pressure. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kissing 

Q: What is kissing?
A: Kissing is pressing one's lips against another person (or an object) to show affection, love, or respect.

Q: Is kissing safe?
A: Kissing is generally safe, but there is always a risk of contracting viruses like herpes simplex or COVID-19. Be aware of the risks and take necessary precautions to reduce the chances of transmission.

Q: How do I know if someone wants to kiss me?
A: It can be tricky to tell if someone wants to kiss you, but some signs include prolonged eye contact, leaning in closer, or touching your face or hair.

Q: Is kissing important in a relationship?
A: Kissing can be an important aspect of a romantic relationship. It helps to deepen intimacy and connection between partners.

Q: Can you kiss someone without being in a relationship?
A: Yes, kissing can occur between friends, acquaintances or strangers. Always get consent before planting a kiss on them, though.

Q: How do I become a good kisser?
A: Good kissing involves being attentive to your partner's needs and preferences, using the right amount of pressure, and being confident and relaxed. Practice and communication with your partner can also help improve your kissing skills.

Q: Can you get pregnant from kissing?
A: No, you cannot get pregnant from kissing. Pregnancy can only occur if sperm comes into contact with an egg.

How To Give A Great Kiss

Giving a good kiss is all about communication and connection. Start by making eye contact and moving in slowly. Use your lips to explore your partner's lips, starting with light pressure and gradually increasing.

Tongue kissing is a sensual way to connect with a lover. Once your lips touch, gently open your mouth and let your tongues touch. Use the tip of your tongue to explore your partner's mouth, but be gentle and avoid overwhelming them. Remember to breathe through your nose and take breaks to come up for air.

Use your hands to caress their face or run your fingers through their hair. And remember, a good kiss is about being present in the moment and showing your partner how much you care.

Fun Products For Sensual Kissing 

  • Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm was designed to juice up oral sex, but there is no reason this rich, luscious lip balm can't be used for slow, sensual smooching. The formula includes a cooling effect to contrast rather mouth-wateringly with the warmth of your mouth...
A hand holding a tube of Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm



  • Orgie Electric Lip Gloss is perfect if you love sensations that sizzle. Roll onto your lips with the applicator and kiss away. The tingling sensation could be a cheeky surprise for your partner...
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  • Oral Pleasure Mints is a handbag must-have! Peppermint-flavoured sugar-free mints delight the most experienced lovers. Pop a mint before locking lips, then tease them with your moist mouth and fresh tongue tip...
Oral Pleasure Mints


Want more ideas for your mouth? Here's our guide on dirty talking!

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