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Lockdown Love - Advice at Sh! Women's Store

Lockdown Love - Advice at Sh! Women's Store

Whether you're spending the most romantic day of the year solo, with your bubble-bae, or as long-distance lovers, it'll pay off to get organised early this time.

Like all other businesses, Royal Mail is experiencing issues during the pandemic, so the only way your gift is guaranteed to make it on time is to place your order early.

Read on for our tips on how to make lockdown Valentine's Day extra special.

Solo Lockdown Love

Just because you happen to be single doesn't mean you have to diss Valentine's Day - quite the opposite. It's the perfect day for showing yourself some well-deserved love!

If lockdown has got you - like us - favouring unwashed hair and pants with elasticated waists, pampering will feel heavenly. Play some tunes, fill the tub with sweet-scented bubbles and get in! Get a hair mask on (your usual conditioner left in for a bit longer will do the same job), massage in a face scrub to slough off dead skin cells and maybe give your feet a scrub too whilst you're at it - you'll feel like a brand new babe!

Why not order yourself some flowers to arrive on the day? Our favourites are Bloom & Wild, who send their letterbox flowers via Royal Mail's tracked service, straight through the door with the other post. It's a delight to receive, and the best thing about ordering yourself some beautiful blooms is that you can pick a bunch that you'll really love.

Once out of the bath and dressed in something that makes you feel good, it's time for a romantic dinner à moi. Plan your meal in advance and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients. If you like cooking, take your time and enjoy the process, but if you don't... Well, there is always Deliveroo! Crack open a bottle of something cold & bubbly, and sit down to enjoy your meal.

Build up to your self-love session by getting your headphones plugged in for some sexy audio by Dipsea or Girl On The Net. Check out both sites in advance so you know which one will best tickle your wet pickle. (Plus, you'll be able to get a quick one in during your research!)

You might want to have some ethical porn lined up for when you're feeling really juicy and ready to go, go, go! We've done some of the work for you (and trust us, it was no hardship!), and FrolicMe, Lustery and MakeLoveNotPorn are sites with brilliant bean-flicking material.

Sh! have some great toys for keeping all your hot-spots covered if you fancy playing along with the on-screen sex. Whether you prefer small clit bullets, G-spot vibes or rabbit-style toys for a double-whammy of pleasure is up to you - just place your order and we'll ship your goodies off to you :)

Bubble Lockdown Love

This year, we consider anyone with a bubble-bae lucky; we know many of you haven't seen your partners IRL for far too long.

A Valentine's Day with a bubble-bae will probably be the very best one - you can lock yourselves away and just spend 24 hours in each other arms!

You can have so much fun building up to your bubble V-Day. How about making it a themed date, for example? Let's go with a Mexican theme because that's what we like (this only works if you both like Mexican food though, so check in with each other and make a joint decision on the theme before starting your prep work). Our Mexican night will probably involve cocktails and maybe a spot of salsa-dancing curtesy of a Youtube video. Don't worry if you aren't a great dancer - it's even more fun that way!

Cooking together is a wonderful way of bonding and you'll be able to fit in a cheeky bum-squeeze here and there. If you're both better in the bedroom than you are in the kitchen, we recommend taking a look at Mindful Chef for fresh ideas. They deliver straight to your door, with precise ingredients and easy step-by-step cooking instructions. Plus, Mindful Chef donates a meal to a child in poverty for each meal you purchase.

If cooking food isn't your thing and you want to get straight to fanciful drinking, Callooh Callay Bar is putting on a couples' online cocktail-making class, and as part of the tickets, you get some cheeky goodies - including a treat from Sh!

Put in a bit of effort and get dressed for your date night. Start with undies you feel great in, and go from there. Maybe treat yourself to something new (get your order in early to make sure it arrives in time!), or check your wardrobe for something that'll put a twinkle in your bubble-date's eye. If it's easy to take off - well, all the better!

Our perfect date-night would end with a pile of sex toys, of course, but we might start with a slow massage and build it up from there. We favor massage candles for massages as they smell amazing, create a sensual ambiance, and melt into warm massage oil that can be poured directly onto soft skin.

Distanced Lockdown Love

Being apart doesn't mean you can't play together, it just means you need to prepare better.

For your long-distanced V-Day date, you'll need a Zoom connection and some privacy. If you have flatmates, we recommend placing a speaker playing some music just inside your bedroom door to deter any hovering outside it.

Leading up to date o' clock, send each other gif's that hints at what's to come. Having an entire day's conversation in only gif's and emojis is fun and builds anticipation. Take some time to search gifs online, and save your favourites to have them ready on the day. If you fancy it, you could also take some cute selfies to share before to your long-distanced date night.

You could cook your V-Day meals together on screen, but if that seems like too much hassle, just sit down to your individual meals at the agreed time. For virtual date night, we like to challenge our dates to a dessert-making competition. Each person makes one and the person with the least fancy-looking dessert has to do a forfeit of the winner's choosing...

Mutual masturbation is super-hot and if you've never tried it, your special date night is perfect for it. App-controlled toys were invented for long-distance lovers and you can have so much fun playing together whilst being apart; you get to take control of each other's toys and you also get to watch the fun onscreen! Like with all our other tips, spend some time exploring the options and work out how your chosen toys work - you don't want to ruin the night by realising you forgot to charge your new vibrator...

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