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Sex Shop Diary: Customers Make Our Day!

Sex Shop Diary: Customers Make Our Day!
  • A burlesque artist stops by, with her mum. Sh! Team member makes a wee joke about bringing one's mother to a sex shop, but it turns out this one actually used to work in the industry, so the 4 sisters grew up discussing sex freely.  Hilarious story is shared about the little sister, who once asked if Mum had ever performed a blow job - whilst they were waiting in a queue of aghast people... Sh! Staff almost cries with laughter, and thinks Mum is awesome....
  • A fave customer comes in. She was sexually assaulted not long ago, and our heart goes out to her...  We offer her a cup of tea and get chatting; talk is all about the sex toys we recommended, and how much she likes them. Turns out, a recent session with a g spot vibrator caused her to female ejaculate ~ Sh! Staff tells her this is cause for celebration! Lady leaves with a smile ( and a slight swagger!) ... plus more erotic toys to try.
  • A young woman with Vulvodynia comes in. Her sexologist has referred her to Sh!, and we're pleased we're able to help her pick out a long-lasting lube (plus some other lovely erotic products ;-) When customer leaves, we post info about Vulvodynia to Sh! FB page - we learn from our customers all the time...
  • A professional dominatrix comes in to look at whips.  She looks very unassuming in the flesh, but her smart swishing indicates a well-practised hand!
  • A young woman with Lichen Sclerosis (‘shrinking’ vagina) comes in. It’s her first trip to Sh!, and as her nurse suggested she speak to us. We have a chat, and she settles on a clitoral vibrator, plus some water-based lube.
  • Lovely lady from Liverpool comes in. She’s in her 60’s and has visited Sh! once before, just after we opened. She buys a lots - a whole bagful of pleasure goodies ( she's stocking up as its along way to come!!;-), joins our mailing list and promises to come back soon...

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