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Special Edition Rainbow Dildos!

Special Edition Rainbow Dildos!

The biggest LGBTQIA+ celebration of the year is a just a few weeks away, but we say:

Let’s get this Pride party started!

Pride is our favourite season, and we usually throw an event or have a special product to mark the day of London Pride. We do this to celebrate love & diversity with our lovely and diverse customers. Although, being a forward-thinking company with a huge LGBT+ following, we celebrate love & diversity each and every day <3

We can't wait to throw ourselves into the festive spirit, so we sent our fantastic dildo maker into the silicone lab. She's done lots of mixing and pouring, and the end result is something which beautifully encapsulates the fun vibe of the movement:

A Range of Special Edition Rainbow Dildos for Pride


Several days of prep took place before the actual dildos were made.

First, flat sheets of soft silicone were made, one sheet for each colour to be included. The sheets were left to firm up for around 24 hours before they were ready for the next step.

Once the silicone set, tiny hearts were cut out of the sheets by hand (the leftover circles of silicone are cut, and we use them as drink coasters). The hearts are then sorted into colours for ease of use in the next step.

Next up, the moulds were prepped and silicone mixed. Much like baking, it's all about correct measurements and patience. At this point in the process, we're all under strict instructions to not disturb our dildo maker - or we could cause a batch of ruined dildos!

Translucent silicone was used for the special edition Pride dildos, and this is hand-poured into the moulds which hang upside down from the special dildo table.


The tiny rainbow hearts are all dropped in by hand - and occasionally poked with a long, thin wooden stick (precision work!). It's time-consuming, but the end result is definitely worth it.

The dildos are left to cure for two days, with our dildo maker watching over them like a worried Mother Hen.

Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-porous, making it the perfect material for sex toys. Silicone toys like our dildos are easy to keep clean. All you need to do to keep them in tip-top condition is to spritz them with toy cleaner or wash them with antibacterial handwash and warm water.

Dildo table

Once the silicone is firmly set, the dildos are released from the moulds and inspected for flaws. 

Of course, handmade dildos are never going to be as perfect as dildos that are churned out of machines, but we want our customers to be able to trust that a Sh! dildo is going to be excellent quality, durable and ready fun! 

Once the dildos have passed the inspection, they are ready for their first meet & greet; i.e we get to see the finished product!

  • Pride Cupid 3 - 6 inches long, with a rounded head and curvy, tapered shaft delivers a winning combination of perfect penetrative pleasures
  • Pride Honey 3 - 6 inches long with 1.75 inch diameter shaft and rounded head, ergonomically angled for hitting the G-spot
  • Pride Twista 2 - 7 inches long with ample 1.75 inch diameter shaft that delivers rhythmic and deeply fulfilling penetration.

All in all, only 12 of the special edition Pride dildos were made and no surprise - they flew straight off the shelf! 

Read more about dildo making here! 

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