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Blindfolds For Sex

Blindfolds For Sex

Blindfolds for sex - one of the simplest, most erotic tricks there are! 

You can’t see your lover’s next move coming when you’re wearing a blindfold. You can’t move towards or away from it. You are totally helpless to your lover’s touch. 

You have no idea where, when or what the next sensation you experience will be. Will it be a delicate kiss? A lick, a flick, a caress or a spank? [We wouldn’t recommend a surprise spank unless you’re 100% confident the reciver will love it.]

This anticipation and loss of control can be incredibly sexy.

And there is another, more sensory side to blindfold sex

When sight is denied, all other senses come alive. The blindfolded person will feel, taste, smell and hear more acutely than usual. Exploring the senses during an erotic blindfold session will really heighten the experience.

For taste and smell: Try feeding your lover wine, chocolate, strawberries or ice – any sensual foods you know they’ll like.

As for sexy sounds: Whisper in their ear. Blindfolding your partner gives you the perfect opportunity to practice talking dirty, especially if you’re shy or get the giggles when there’s direct eye contact.

A selection of handmade leather blindfolds. purple, pink, baby pink. red and black

Blindfolds are liberating 

Blindfolded sex can be liberating for both partners. Whether you’re the one wearing the blindfold or the sighted partner in control, you can be wilder, and bolder and try new things.

Blindfolding is often a part of bondage play. Being tied up and in the dark really exaggerates the feeling of helplessness. Even if you’re not usually into kinky stuff, a little light bondage & blindfold play is fantastic for couples to explore different ways of playing together. It can also relight fires if you are stuck in a sexual rut.

If you want to explore being tied up and blindfolded, remember this is not the kind of sex for casual partners or one-night stands. Only when you know and trust someone well should you allow yourself to be tied up and blindfolded by them.

Browse our gorgeous blindfolds & masks here. 

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