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5 Reasons for Using Remote Control Vibrators

5 Reasons for Using Remote Control Vibrators

For couples, a fun first step into the world of sex toys is playing with a remote control vibrator together.

A remote control vibe connects you as lovers and play partners, helps build intimacy and closeness, and feels deliciously erotic when used in the outside world, like in a restaurant or cinema.

A remote vibrator has a wireless control unit that is separate from the vibrator itself, which switches the vibe on and operates the different settings from afar – putting your orgasmic destiny firmly in your lover’s hands.

Remote control toys are popular with couples of all genders and sexualities. But, we find that straight couples, in particular, love this type of toy. Men love being in charge of their female partner’s pleasure, and remote control toys are gadgets that they also love. A double win!

Top 5 Reasons for using Remote Control Vibrators

1. Remote-controlled vibrators spice up partner sex

Long-term lovers can benefit from playing with a remote control vibrator together as it helps reignite the unpredictability and spontaneity of a new relationship.

New Relationship Energy (NRE) is hot and sex in the early days is usually super-charged and frequent. This energy naturally declines over time as a relationship moves from feverish to comfortable. Introducing a remote-controlled toy into a sex life that has gone off the boil can soon have things bubbling over again. Whether playing with a remote control vibrator in public or at home, you’ll never know when or where your button is going to be pushed, and that is incredibly sexy.

If your partner is shy or hesitant about using sex toys, a remote control vibe is a fun way to involve them. Hand over the control and encourage them by giving instructions (More! More!!), or make sexy noises – they’ll soon get the hang of it!



2. Remote-controlled vibrators for masturbation

Remote control vibrators are fantastic for couples play, but you can have a lot of fun using them for solo sex too. A remote control toy used for masturbation lets you increase or decrease intensity without having to remove the vibe or plug if they’re being used internally. Also, you can easily change the modes up or down without having to fiddle about with a slippery clit vibrator and lubed-up fingers if you have a remote handy.

We recommend remote controlled sex toys for anyone who has difficulty reaching their genitals or don’t like touching themselves but still want great orgasms.

iJoy Remote Bullet Vibrator and Remote Control


3. Remote-controlled vibrators are great for power play

Remote control toys are great for power play, even if you and your partner don’t consider yourselves to be particularly kinky or interested in BDSM.

One partner runs the ‘scene’ and gets total control over the remote. The other partner relinquishes their power in return for immense pleasure. Power exchange games can be incredibly arousing for everyone involved; we recommend giving it a go (with an agreed safeword, in case one of you needs a break from the fun) if you have a fun new remote-controlled sex toy to play with.

We-Vibe Ditto Butt Plug, Remote Control and Snartphone App


4. Remote-controlled vibrators for men & penis-owners

If you have a partner with a penis, a remote-controlled cock-ring for them to wear around their penis is erotic and exciting.

Wearing a cock ring out and about in public can be a bit of a giveaway unless a loose shirt is hanging over the crotch, as the erection will be at least a semi. Seeing as the ring itself can be a bit bulky, it may well look like a very generous package winking at passers-by, but if you don’t mind the odd glance…why not?

Pro Tip: Be a bit cautious with how long the ring is left on. Never wear one for longer than 20 minutes (or less if the penis is getting achy) as it stops the back-flow of blood back out into the body. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, it’s time to remove it and massage the penis better...

Nu Sensualle Cock Ring and Remote Control in blue

5. Remote-controlled vibes for firing up a flagging libido

If you're finding it hard to get turned on, playing with a remote vibe (with or without a partner) can kick-start the process.

The mental excitement of playing with a remote control often super-charges arousal. Adrenalin, pumped out into the body by the adrenal gland, dilates arteries and increases blood flow to the genitals, which is an essential stage of arousal. Attaching a wearable vibe like the We-Vibe Moxie (pictured) to your undies can be really helpful. The remote allows you to slowly increase the intensity until it's buzzing away over your vulva and clitoris, building arousal and heat as you go about your day.

We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator with Remote Control
Do a test-run at home before venturing outside with your remote-controlled vibrator.
  • Before you venture out, you’ll want to test how loud your remote-controlled toy is: Is it better suited to a bustling bar than a romantic dinner for two?
  • Once activated, how secure do you feel “wearing” your remote control vibrator? How hard will it party in your pants? Can you dance around, or would you prefer to remain seated?
  • Talking of which: Does the remote control vibrator give itself away by vibrating the bar stool?
  • What’s the range? Does your remote control vibrator work across a crowded bar, or does it need to be closer?

Remote control vibes require a bit of confidence to use out in public and if you don't feel up to this, just enjoy using it at home instead. Trust us, they really brighten up time spent doing housework!

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