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Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Long gone (and good riddance!) are the days when a woman (or vulva-owner) wanting a little thrill only had the choice between a loud, medical-looking massager or a pretend willy vibrator.

These days, top-end designers bring us gorgeous vibrators with quality motors, quiet vibrations, premium material and inventive sensations. But luxury vibrators come at a price, of course. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. And these vibrators are well worth saving up for - read on to find out why!

Are luxury vibrators worth the money?

Luxe sex toys are made from body-safe materials

The majority of the luxury vibrators we stock are made from silicone, the best material for sex toys. Silicone is hypoallergenic, body-safe and free from phthalates and latex. It’s a very sensual material and feels very skin-like to touch. You can enjoy your vibe, relaxing in the knowledge that it's absolutely safe.

Quality motors last longer 

Top-end sex toys are very different from mass-manufactured, cheap vibrators. If you look after your luxury vibe with TLC, it will last you for years and years. Make sure to use a lube that is compatible with the material. Clean it with sex toy cleaner, and store it away from heat and fluff. 

Whisper-quiet motors

Most luxury vibes are almost whisper-quiet. This is great if you want or need discretion. If you live with kids, parents or flatmates - we understand they don't need to know if you're enjoying some me-time. A luxury vibe has got your back. (And front!)

Rechargeable power for easy charging

Most luxury vibrators are rechargeable via a wall socket or USB cable. This makes powering up your favourite sex toy super-easy. Also, a rechargeable toy is much easier to travel with. As long as you have a functioning USB port, you have a power supply for your vibrator! 

Luxury vibrators offer more pleasure modes

A designer vibrator offers many different pleasure patterns. There will usually be steady vibration, pulsation, waves and maybe even a cheeky cha-cha! Many luxe products also offer variability, which means you can control the intensity of the vibrations. This is fantastic for exploring lots of different sensations, from the lightest of touches to a rollercoaster ride of deep throbbing thrills. Many luxe vibes also offer app control, which is super fun for couples!

Waterproof vibrations

Most of our luxe sex toys are 100% waterproof. This makes them perfect bath time buddies. Always follow the instructions and don't immerse a remote control, if your toy has one 

Luxury means extra goodies!

When you purchase a designer vibe, they often come in beautiful boxes with extra goodies such as free lube or a storage bag. In addition to the delights inside, stylish packaging makes a luxury vibrator a great gift for a lover or good friend...

So, taking all of the above into consideration, the higher price tag of a designer vibrator doesn't seem so unreasonable. Or, as our store manager so eloquently puts it:

"Work it out per orgasm and you'll see a luxury vibrator is worth it!"


Browse our luxury vibrators here!

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