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How To Spring Clean Your Sex Toys Box

How To Spring Clean Your Sex Toys Box - Sh! Women's Store

Spring has finally arrived and if you are anything like us, you'll be ready to welcome the warmer weather by getting rid of the grime that's collected in corners over the colder months. Along with gleaming windows and dust-free skirting boards, now is also a great time to delve deep into the toy box and look at what needs to go...



Check the Condition of Your Sex Toys 

  • If you have very old toys, maybe don a pair of latex gloves (or marigolds;) Sex toys of old were¬†often made from PVC jelly, a porous material that not only traps lube and bodily juices (however well you clean your toy), which = bacteria!¬†
  • If you see evidence of 'melting', where sex toys feel 'sticky', (or sticking together), it's likely made of jelly, which contains dodgy¬†chemical softener phthalates¬†and, in our opinion, should¬†be disposed of sharpish.
  • If you spot a crack in your toy, it is time to invest in a new one. Silicone dildos last for years, but if vigorous play, sharp nails or pet teeth causes a break, the silicone¬†cannot be repaired, so it's time to invest in a new exciting toy!


Check for Missing Sex Toy Parts

  • Bullets are teeny-tiny buzzing wonders, but¬†thanks to their petite size,¬†they easily go missing (often to be found under the bed or at the back of the sock drawer). If your cock ring is missing its mini bullet, chuck it and invest in a new rechargeable cock ring. It'll be stronger, it'll have a longer guarantee and you'll never run out of batteries at inopportune moments!
  • Another thing that often goes missing is the small plastic lids for any toy that take batteries. Let's face it - you are unlikely to ever find the pesky lid, and sello taping the top back on ius never going to work.¬†
  • Upgrading to a rechargeable vibe takes care of so many issues: no lids, no leaky batteries, it becomes cheaper in the long run...


Discoloured Sex Toys

  • When they say "don't judge a book by its cover" or "it's what's inside that counts", they are not talking about icky vibes, rings or plugs that have lost their shine, which, let's face it are not attractive playmates for your gorgeous nether regions
  • Sex toy materials can discolour for a number of reasons, but the main ones will be poor materials, incorrect storing, left in baking hot sunshine or cleaning with unsuitable detergents.
  • If your vibrator looks like the pic above, it's time to upgrade and treat yourself to a new, sexy vibrating playmate.


Store Different Sex Toy Materials Separately

  • How¬†to store sex toys¬†is something we're asked quite a bit.¬†Chucking them under the bed seems to be a popular option, but it is not something we recommend. Dirt, dust, pets (or even kids!) will get at your toy and before you know it, the bacteria come into contact with delicate nethers and itchy infections may take hold - and they tend to hold on tight!
  • Always store different materials separately. This may mean individual pouches for each toy, or separate storage boxes for silicone and cheaper-material toys. These days, vibrators often come with a dust-free bag to store them in ¬†- make sure to use it.

Sort Sex Toy Batteries & Chargers

  • If your sex toy is battery-powered, remove the batteries. Battery power will last longer, and the motors will feel happier too.
  • Dispose of all old batteries safely at your local recycling centre or even supermarket if they have a special bin provided.
  • If the batteries have leaked inside the battery compartment, then it's curtains for your vibe - sorry.¬†
  • Make sure you store the right charger together with the right rechargeable toy ( there's nothing worse that being unable to find the right charging cable - believe us!¬†)
  • Keep the recharger cable loose - wrapping it tightly can¬†cause a breakage at the connection point and the charger will be of no use...
  • Charge rechargeable toys every three to six months is good practice. This keeps the motor happy, which in turn will keep you happy!
  • If you find random chargers that don't belong to anything, dispose of them (safely)¬†Spending hours trying to match chargers to toys that don't belong to them is time you'll never get back ( believe us!)

Check for Out of Date Lubricant

Are you a bottle half-empty or bottle half-full kinda person? Actually, that doesn't matter: if the bottle is half full, is it probably time to invest in a fresh one.

  • Lube bottle labels have a little symbol on them that indicates how long their shelf life is after opening - usually 1-3 years. They may also have an expiry date.¬†
  • The safest lubricant will have a 1 year expiry after opening ( because¬†it doesn't contain Paraben preservatives)
  • Gunky bottles that are hard to pump-out may mean the lube contents have evaporated too much to still be slick and sexy in use.¬†
  • Water-based lubes are most likely to evaporate, but they are still the best all-round lubricant and every bedside should feature one because they are the most body-friendly and safe for use with all sex toys.¬†
  • Silicone lubes are great for sessions in the bath or shower, but not suitable for use with silicone toys (or toys made from porous, soft materials).

Check for Out of Date Condoms

  • Check the dates of all condoms to make sure they are not expired.
  • If¬†condoms, or any latex barriers have¬†been stashed in a bedside drawer amongst anything sharp (which could have punctured the packaging) it's time to replenish.¬†
  • It's always a good idea to keep a few different condom sizes/styles in your toy box to ensure you have the right condom for the right occasion.¬†

Read how to clean your sex toys and do it before AND after everytime you play!


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