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Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Vinyl

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Vinyl

Vinyl is a cheap, soft material, typically containing lower levels of phthalates than jelly material. This is quite an old-school sex toy material, often used as a coating in simple sex toy designs.

What is Vinyl?

You won't find many sex toys made out of vinyl at Sh!, mainly because vinyl designs are usually not *WOW* enough. (We like beautiful toys, babes!) 

Vinyl is a soft, pliable plastic. Sex toys made from Vinyl have a smooth, flexible surface and an opaque colour. 

There are different grades of vinyl, from 'food grade' to 'economical grade.' Vinyl sex toys typically contain much lower levels of phthalates/chemicals than jelly toys, though vinyl toys can initially smell synthetic.

Vinyl sex toys are semi-porous. This means the surface is slightly absorbent and will absorb some of your natural juices. For this reason, using water-based lube will enhance your experience with a vinyl toy.

Vinyl and Elastomer sex toys feel similar, but we choose to carry Elastomer toys over vinyl as Elastomer is a phthalate-free material.

Don't use vinyl products if you are allergic to latex. Instead, choose sex toys from latex-free materials like steel, glass or silicone.

Pros of Vinyl Sex Toys

Vinyl is a smooth, flexible surface over a solid-feeling toy. Vinyl feels somewhere between silicone and jelly in firmness, but it is dry to the touch, like silicone.

Vinyl toys are inexpensive and have a longer lifespan than jelly toys. Vinyl is generally lower in phthalates than jelly material.

Cons of Vinyl Material

Vinyl is a semi-porous material and cannot be sterilized.

Make sure to use condoms if you are sharing a vinyl toy with a lover or if you're dipping between the anus and vagina.

Vinyl toys are not suitable for folks with latex allergy.

Care & Cleaning of Vinyl Sex Toys:

Clean your vinyl toy with Sex Toy Cleaner or gentle soap and warm water. Be meticulous and ensure the toy is thoroughly dry before storing it away from heat, light and other sex toy materials.

Overall Verdict:

The choice is more likely to be about the style or design rather than the material, which we reckon to be a bit of a so-so material for adult toys. Vinyl is neither great nor terrible!

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