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Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Plastic

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Plastic. Advice at Sh! Women's Store

Plastic is a sleek sex toy material that delivers strong vibrations. Two different kinds of plastic are used in sex toy manufacturing:

  • Standard plastic
  • ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers)

The two are quite different in quality, although both have a super-smooth, shiny surface that feels cool and firm. Both kinds deliver intense vibrations.

Is hard plastic the right sex toy material for you? 

Shiny, inflexible toys like Ultra Vector Egg and Silencer Vibrator are made from standard hard plastic.

High-end adult toys like We-Vibe Tango X are made wholly or partially with hard plastic, but ABS plastic.

ABS plastic has high mechanical and impact strength and is the best quality. Whether standard or ABS, plastic is a rigid material that transmits vibrations better than most sex toy materials.

Like all sex toy materials, plastic has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, plastic toys deliver super-charged vibrations; you only need a little lube to make these toys super slippery, and the firmness can be just what the G-spot or prostate ordered. 

On the other hand, the inflexibility and coolness of plastic toys can feel "unnatural," and their shapes can be a bit too truncheon-like for some folks.

A vibe made from hard plastic is usually a lot noisier than an equivalent-sized toy in silicone.

Pleasure products made from softer, sound-absorbing materials muffle sounds and vibration. Hard plastic sex toys don't muffle anything!

Hard plastic sex toys are made from a non-porous material, so they don't absorb fluids. Also, they don't disclose any substances integral to the material, unlike sex toys made from jelly. Plastic toys are odourless, easy to clean and free from phthalates or latex.

Standard plastic

Standard plastic is typically used in inexpensive sex toys.

Pros of standard plastic 

  • Phthalate-free
  • Inexpensive
  • Sleek, rigid material which transmits intense vibrations
  • Non-porous (does not disclose or absorb any substances)
  • Holds lubricant well. 

Cons of standard plastic

  • Inflexible material
  • Shorter lifespan than most other sex toy materials. Plastic toys will likely crack if dropped or split if the battery cap is forced or over-tightened.

ABS plastic

ABS plastic is typically used in high-end sex toys. 

Pros of ABS plastic

  • Phthalate-free
  • Quality material - top-notch toys with a superior motor and build quality
  • Sleek, rigid material which transmits powerful vibrations
  • Non-porous (does not disclose or absorb any substances)
  • Hold lubricant well

Cons of ABS plastic

  • More expensive.
  • Inflexible material

Care & cleaning of plastic sex toys 

Use Sex Toy Cleaner or wash/wipe the surface with an antibacterial hand wash and warm water. Be sure to dry the toy thoroughly before storing it.

Top Tip: Cover Egg & bullet-style vibrators with a condom if you want to insert them into the vagina (egg & bullet toys are unsafe for anal play). This makes it easier to remove the vibrating egg and keep the wire area clean. 

Overall Verdict

Plastic sex toys are great for delivering intense vibrations and smooth sensations. These toys may not be the best choice if you want something that feels organic or is super-quiet.

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