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Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Glass

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Glass - Sh! Women's Store

Glass and Pyrex - solid, temperature-responsive and super-slippery material. Sex toys made from glass offer incredible sensations.

A solid weightiness coupled with a sleek surface means that glass sex toys are natural penetration-pleasers and are especially popular with lovers of G-Spot and prostate massage.

Pros of glass toys:

  • Sensual, smooth texture
  • Phthalate-free and body-safe
  • Temperature-responsive (can be warmed or cooled for exciting sensations)
  • Non-porous surface, making cleaning easy 
  • A little lubricant goes a long way

          Cons of sex toys made from glass:

          • Although extremely tough, it's still possible to crack/shatter a glass toy (don't drop on a tiled floor!). Be sure to examine the surface thoroughly before and after each play sesh.
          • Some glass toys are decorated with glass paint on the surface rather than blown into the glass. This paint eventually wears away. We recommend covering the glass toy with a condom if the colours are on the surface rather than integral.
          • The rigid material may feel "unnatural" for some folks. If this is you, we recommend sex toys made from softer, more pliable materials such as silicone or elastomer.

          Care & Cleaning of glass toys

          • Spray with Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
          • Wash with antibacterial handwash and hot water, and leave to air dry. 
          • Wash your glass toy in the top rack of the dishwasher (no soap, or pots & pans!)
          • Store wrapped in a padded bag or protective packaging supplied with the toy.
          a blue glass dildo

          Overall Verdict: Non-porous and hygienic, sex toys made from glass are a great option, especially for folks who love G-spot stimulation. 

          Browse our gorgeous glass dildos here!

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