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10 Sex Commandments for 2017

10 Sex Commandments for 2017

    1. Thou Shalt Have More Orgasms

Make 2017 the Year of Your Vagina - celebrate its moist existence and let it out to play regularly. Stay in and feast by yourself or invite others to the party - as long as those climaxes keep coming, you'll be able to face the grayest of Monday mornings.
Smash sexual boundaries and set yourself brand new challenges that'll gently push you out of your comfort zone and we promise 2017 will be a daring, fun-filled and empowered year!
If you are not yet having orgasms, the challenge is finding out how to have one. If you are having clitoral orgasms, the challenge is to explore the G-spot. If you have G-spot orgasms, the challenge is to have a blended orgasm. If you have blended orgasms. the challenge is to have multiple orgasms...
And so on. (It's gonna be a busy year, gurl - strap yerself in and let's go!)
2. Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid of Asking for What You want
Putting up with lukewarm sex is so yesteryear. Make sure that the sex you are having is hotter than a sunburned British tourist abroad by throwing coyness to the wind and asking for what you want. If it feels scary, just start off small: "please kiss me there" soon builds up to "take me now" and you're well on your way to managing your pleasure...
If you have been wanting to try a little light bondage play for example, now is the time to break open that box of luxury satin restraints. Nothing ventured is nothing gained. :)
3. Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid of Trying New Things
Dateless? No worries; these days you can swipe every which way on your Smartphone and a date magically appears. Or, if that sounds like too much hassle, we've heard there are saunas where women can go and play whenever the mood for fun strikes...
*Just remember to keep hydrated by drinking water and slapping extra lube on the muffkin.
Trying new things can mean a whole load of things, depending on who you are and what you have tried so far. Stepping out of our comfort zone is scary, but do you know what... Feel the fear and do it anyway!
4. Thou Shalt Not Overlook Unusual-Looking Toys
The latest trend for orgasmic pleasures are toys like Womanizer and Satisfyer Pro. These toys "suck" at the clitoris and create mindblowing orgasms that'll have you seeing stars in just a minute or three (we're not kidding).
The incredible sensations are unlike any other sex toy and many women tell us they've found a completely different way of climaxing and/or experienced multiple-orgasms with clitoral sucking toys.
Toy designers are coming up with new concepts all the time, and just because a toy doesn't look like a standard vibe doesn't mean you should overlook them. Some of the most fantastic sex toys look nothing like you'd expect them to, like this cute body-forming silicone vibe.
5. Thou Shalt Always use Lube
benefit-lubeThe Aussies are well-known for their slip, slop, slap mantra and we wholeheartedly agree - although we're talking about lube rather than sunscreen on this occasion.
Lube is the best thing and every bedside table should have a bottle displayed in a prominent place. Invest in a bottle of lube that suits your sexy needs and we promise you'll never look back.
Lube makes sex sexier.
6. Thou Shalt Not Be Envious Of Thy Neighbours Sex Toys
Friends and neighbours may have impressive collections of sex toys but don't let this make you feel less adventurous or "boring" - you're not. Instead, book a day off and come along to Sh! where we'll show you all the toys that would be suitable for you. Tailored advice and personalised service mean we are the go-to shop for women & couples who are looking to try something new and exciting.
7. Thou Shalt Swap Positions
Swapping positions for solo play encourages you to think of your pleasure in different ways. Try standing up, sitting astride a chair or why not bending over the kitchen counter? You'l find that you need to tense different muscles or move in different ways, which can change the way your orgasms feel.
Swapping positions and playing with gender roles can be a massive turn on for couples. Gender is fast becoming more fluent and old gender stereotypes are - thankfully - on their way out. Taking charge, swapping around and experimenting can enhance intimacy and bring you closer together.
8. Thou Shalt Keep One Day Each Week for Sex
The main reason for letting a great sex life go downhill is that it's too easy to become wrapped up in the duller aspects of life: child care, housework and shopping for groceries are just three examples of unsexy-but-necessary activities that takes up far too much time in life.
Date nights have long been a thing, but it's time to upgrade date night to "sex night". Thinking and planning the sex you'll be having is greatly arousing and will get juices flowing in no time.
If you're not sure how to get the sex night going, why not come along to a sex class?  Our erotic classes are legendary evenings of fun: bubbles, cup cakes and the topic of choice... Learn about spanking, or strap-on play, or oral sex - again, stepping out of your comfort zone, taking the plunge and discovering new ways of experiencing pleasure!
9. Thou Shalt Not Fake It

Faking pleasure and orgasms is a no-no in 2017. Commandments 1 and 2 will help you get what you want, and also avoid lying to partners who think you're having a marvellous time when you are not...
It can be difficult to break a habit of a life time, but remember this... You deserve great sex!
10. Thou Shalt Never Run Out of Power
Running out of battery power at inopportune moments ruins pleasure & orgasms, and must therefor be banned to yesteryear. In 2017, let's make a pact to always have spare batteries in a drawer and chargers within reach.
Charge up all your favourite toys in advance, and you need never go without. Modern toys are USB chargeable, so you can easily plug 'em in whilst you are working and they'll be ready just about the same time you are... *wink*

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