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5 of the Best Rabbit Vibrators at Sh!

5 Best Rabbit Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

Alongside wand massagers, rabbit vibrators are the most iconic sex toys of all time. More women and vulva owners have had their first orgasm with a rabbit vibe than any other sex toy.

The rabbit vibrator became super-famous through its appearance on an episode of Sex & The City, but did you know that Sh! sold rabbits long before this? It's true - Sh! Founder Ky discovered the magic of this iconic sex toy long before it was a TV star!

Jessica Rabbit Vibrator


Rabbit vibrators have come a long way since the pic above. Materials are (much!) better, motors last longer, and the design has been improved. This type of toy is still a firm favourite with our customers, and we can see why.

Rabbit vibrators have two parts - an external part for clitoral stimulation and a shaft for internal pleasure. This design is perfect for folks who love blended orgasms (simultaneous internal and external climaxes), but also for newbies who are just starting out.

A rabbit vibrator does most of the sexy work for you. Generally, you can lay back, relax and let the vibrator bring you closer and closer towards a toe-curling orgasm... Dreamy, if you ask us!

The external tickler teases the clitoris. This helps build arousal and brings blood to the genital area. This additional blood flow encourages the G-spot to swell, making it easier to both locate and stimulate this shy erogenous zone.

It's common for women & vulva owners to reach a point in their arousal when they feel they want to be 'filled.' This is often the case even if you prefer clitoral stimulation to orgasm. When the body becomes super-aroused, the vagina balloons open and make space - this can leave you feeling like you want something inside. Rabbits are great for this - they offer a shaft for penetration as well as continuous clitoral pleasure!

However, there is one downside to rabbit vibrators; one size doesn't fit all.

Anatomy differs, and a sex toy that works for one person may not do it for another. We cannot guarantee that every bunny vibrator will work for every customer, so we recommend looking at sizes and shapes before deciding. Rabbit vibes come in so many designs, there is definitely one that fits your unique curves :)

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

A classic and bestseller in one, the Sh! Waterproof Rabbit is the style people conjure up when they think of a rabbit vibrator. 


Firstly, the Sh! Rabbit offers the traditional bunny ears clitoral stimulation. 

Secondly, a rotating shaft delivers internal pleasure at the press of a button. Rows of metal beads rotate and stimulate the opening of the vagina, a highly sensual area. There is also an option to hit reverse to change the direction of the twirls. It might not sound as if an anti-clockwise spin should add much excitement, but trust us, your vagina will take notice!


At a little over 2 fingers in girth, this rabbit vibe is not too intimidating for those looking for their first insertable sex toy. 


This rabbit vibrator has 3 speeds and 9 patterns to experiment with. The controls are independent of each other (and easy to use), so you can really tailor your masturbation session. All this pleasure for only £25! 


Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator in purple


Regina Wave Vibrator

One of the most commonly suggested methods for G-Spot stimulation is the “come hither” method. This is where you use one or two fingers in a motion like you are beckoning someone over. It is definitely a great technique, but can sometimes be a little difficult by yourself to get the right depth and pressure, and keeping the movement going all at once. Enter the “wave” style of rabbits, which give you a mechanical version of this movement.

If you are looking to experiment with this, our Regina Wave Rabbit is a brilliant choice. Both the internal arm and vibrating bunny ears are controllable separately using the two buttons on the front of the toy.

The internal shaft is around 3 fingers at the biggest point and has ridges to increase the sensations. The clitoral arm has the 2 bunny style ears that are flexible enough to position them where you need them but firm enough to stay in place and not lose the all-important clitoral contact.

If you have used rabbits or G-Spot toys before and found that vibration doesn’t do a lot of your G-Spot, the Regina’s motion may be the perfect solution for you.

Regina Wave Rabbit Vibrator in purple


Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit Vibrator

Ooooh, Lord - what magic do we have here! Whem we said 'best rabbit vibrators' - we meant it... The Nymph Licking Rabbit Vibe is one of the most cleverly designed sex toys we have had the pleasure of testing. If you like cunnilingus and penetration, chances are you are going to love this toy... 

Penetration tend not to bring on orgasm for most clit owners, even if it is intensely pleasurable. However, a soft tongue on the clit is one of the most reliable ways for a toe-curling, hip-buckling climax - so whomever combined the two did a marvellous job! 

Nymph offers 6 licking modes and 9 vibration modes. The shaft is long, and delivers stimulation for the G-spot and the A-spot. 

Lube is essential when it comes to pleasure, including when playing with sex toys. We recommend using water-based lube with all the vibrators in this blog post, but especially so when enjoying Nymph. Apply liberally to the soft silicone togue tips for a almost-real oral sex experience. Ensure to coat the shaft of your toy too - this will enhance sensations and ensure comfortable play. 

Nymph Clit-Licking Rabbit Vibrator in pink


Fun Factory Lady Bi Rabbit Vibrator

Beads, motion and licking are sexy, but what if you want power? No problems. Friends, meet Lady Bi - one of the most impressively powerful rabbits we've ever come across! 

Lady Bi by German sex toy designers Fun Factory is a rabbit-style vibrator designed for deep penetration. When enjoyed internally, this girthy vibrator stimulates the A-spot. The A-spot, or anterior fornix, is an erogenous zone deep inside the vagina, located just in front of the cervix. 

The generously sized shaft of Lady Bi offers seductively rumbly vibrations that spread through the vagina and stimulate the internal parts of the clitoris. Tapered at the tip to make insertion a little easier, Lady Bi is around 4 fingers at its widest part. This is no small bun-bun - this is definitely a fully-grown rabbit!

The clitoral stimulator delivers more buzzy vibrations, designed to tease the external part of the clit. The buzzier clitoral thrills combined with rumbly internal vibrations deliver seductive stimulation without overpowering your most sensitive pleasure spots! 

Fun Factory Lady Bi vibrator in purple


Tiny Teaser Bunny Vibe 

Now, we know not everyone enjoys internal play. When you consider that about 75% of women and vulva owners reach orgasm through clitoral play, this makes absolute sense. The good news is that you don't have to miss out on the magic of rabbit vibrators just coz you're not into penetration. Just choose a bunny with good ears and no shaft! 

Tiny Teaser Bunny Vibrator is a petite pal for clitoral stimulation - though this bun is happy to tease nipples, labia lips and pretty much any other external hot spots!

With a single-button control, the Tiny Teaser bunny has three speeds. This is plenty for building up to orgasm on your own or with a partner :) 

The silicone head is removable, making cleaning an absolute doddle. Tiny Teaser Bunny is a tad bigger than most bullet vibrators, so great size for travelling. 

Tiny Teaser rabbit vibrator in pink

These are our five best rabbit vibrators, but we have plenty more to explore here!


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