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The History of Rabbit Vibrators

The History of Rabbit Vibrators

In case you're not familiar with how Rabbit vibrators came to be the orgasm-givers of women everywhere, we'll give you a quick masterclass. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about one of the most iconic toys ever invented - let's hop to it!

The History of Rabbit Vibrators

Ky Hoyle, Founder of Sh!, spotted a pile of dusty boxes lying in the back of a sex toy warehouse in East London back in August 1992. Taking a closer look, she found a peculiar, pink vibrator with multi-coloured beads in the shaft.

The pink vibe was called "Roger Rabbit." Even though it looked somewhat phallic, the shaft was in the shape of a female figure. The ‘head’ had a page-boy hairstyle, and there was a bunny-eared off-shoot that looked very clit-pleasing. Though back in the day, the clit simulator was described as an ‘anal tickler.' Little did they know!

Old-skool rabbit vibrator in pink with multi-coloured beads
Jessica Rabbit - game-changer!

Having given the intriguing vibrator a spin, Ky knew the toy was something special, something the women of the UK needed to know about! Ky renamed the vibe "Jessica Rabbit" and started spreading the word.

Six years before the Rabbit’s famous appearance on ‘Sex & the City’ (1998) and long before it became known as the "Rampant Rabbit," Sh!’s Jessica Rabbit was featured in hundreds of mainstream women’s magazines and TV shows. The rabbit vibrator is even named in Wikipedia as “Jessica Rabbit vibrator” and subsequently dozens of online stores also use the name to promote their own rabbit-style vibrators.

Ky Hoyle showing the first Jessica Rabbit vibrtaor on TV
Click this link to watch clip of Ky & Jessica Rabbit on Graham Norton

Why do rabbit vibrators look like... rabbits?

Rabbit vibrators were, at the time, manufactured mainly in Japan. The vibes were designed with cute animal faces to bypass Japanese obscenity laws. Somehow (we're not sure how, as the vibes were still used for the same purpose), the cute, or sometimes quite creepy, faces elevated the product from 'sex toy' to 'novelty' which you can still see printed on sex toy packaging today.

The clever clogs at Vibratex (maker of pleasure products) came up with a more modern design in a more body-friendly material. US television network HBO reached out to Vibratex as they wanted a vibrator to be included in the now-iconic episode of Sex & The City: "The Turtle and the Hare." In this episode, Miranda encourages Charlotte to try a vibrating Rabbit, rendering Charlotte unwilling to leave the house as she's just too busy masturbating (good for her!). And thus, the Rabbit vibrator became a global superstar! 

The Best Rabbit Vibrators

At Sh! we have tested our fair share of rabbit vibrators over the years. Although they tend to follow the same basic design principles, like real-life rabbits, they come in all shapes and sizes. We've made a list of our Top 5 rabbit vibrators so you can dive right in and find the one that sounds most like a bit of you!

Rabbit vibrators have come a long way in terms of design. Connoisseurs can now enjoy waterproof, rechargeable versions with throbbing, pumping pleasure action. Most are covered in silicone, which is smooth and soft, the safest material for sex toys.

Rabbit vibrators are usually made up of two parts; an internal shaft plus an external clitoral stimulator in the shape of bunny ears. Over the years, we've found that many women prefer using only the external stimulator as the clitoris is the gateway to their climax. If this is you, the Marvelous Bunny is perfect! Ergonomically shaped like a small, purple bun-bun to hold in the palm of your hand, the ears are superb for all-over body massage before honing in on the hot spot...

Mini Marvels Bunny Clit Vibe in purple silicone

Our best selling rabbit vibrator is a bargain for only £25! A modest size - about two fingers wide - the shaft isn't overwhelming. Tiny rotating beads made of metal massage the entrance to the vagina, an area full of responsive nerve-endings. 

We recommend squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor against the moving beads, as this will intensify both your arousal and orgasm. Powered by three AAA batteries, this bunny is feisty with firm ears for powerful pleasure!

Purple rabbit vibrator

Here's a fancy rabbit for those of you who enjoy deeper penetration and A-spot stimulation! The A-spot Tapping Rabbit features a longer shaft with a tap-tap-tapping pad in the tip. Drizzle a generous amount of water-based lube over the vibe before gliding it into place. Let the soft pad tip-tap against your A-spot for deeply satisfying stimulation whilst the bunny ears flutter against the sensitive clitoris for a double-whammy of orgasmic sensations…

Pink rabbit vibrator with soft pad for tapping against A-spot

If you are a lover of G-spot stimulation, the massaging G-spot Rabbit will be a wet dream come true! Soft silicone prongs on the tip of the sex toy cover a moving ball under the silky silicone. During use, the moving ball rolls against your G-spot delivering sensations that'll have your toes curling in no time... The flexible bunny ears can be left as is or pressed closer together for intense clitoral thrills.

 bright pink rabbit vibrator

This luxury rabbit with wave-motion from sex toy designer Lelo is the creme de la creme of dual stimulation toys. Rather than two bunny ears vibrating against the outside of the clitoris, Ina Wave features a single stimulator that delivers spot-on sensations. The internal shaft is designed to fit against your G-spot and moves in a toe-curling come-hither motion known to encourage G-spot orgasms

Lelo Ina Wave vibrator in blue

Celebrate the bunnies! Browse our range of fantastic rabbit vibrators.

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