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How to Choose a Rabbit Vibrator

How to Choose a Rabbit Vibrator

Whether called Jessica Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, or Rampant Rabbit, rabbit vibrators are an amazing erotic discovery, and that’s the reason why they are the most famous vibrator in history. But how on earth do you choose a one, especially if you are new to its charms?

We’ve cherry-picked from a wide range of rabbit & rabbit-style sex toys on the market to bring you the best of their kind. Still, we know that understanding the benefits of different styles can be overwhelming, so read on to find the best rabbit vibe for you.

Rabbit vibes come in two models: Rabbit ear clit vibrators and dual stimulation vibrators.

Rabbit Ear Clitoral Vibrators

Not what most people think of when they think about buying a rabbit vibe. However, customers rave about the two bunny ears delivering intense but diffused vibrations to the super responsive sides of the clitoris rather than directly on it.

In fact, even with a classic, dual-stim rabbit, a large number of women (around 40%) don’t use the shaft portion during masturbation.

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve heard ‘it’s all about the bunny ears!’ from beaming customers. The truth is that whilst most rabbit vibes come with shafts for insertion, there is nothing that says you gave to insert anything if you don’t want to. Most vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so the shaft isn’t necessary unless you enjoy penetration.

Mini Marvels Bunny Clit Vibe in purple siliconee

Dual Stimulation Rabbit Vibrators

This is the style most people think of when they’re choosing a rabbit vibrator. With a shaft for internal stimulation and an external clitoral stimulator, this style is the most likely to bring on a blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is an orgasm that feels like it comes from both inside and outside simultaneously.

Apart from the essential clitoral stimulator, some of the best rabbit designs feature rotating beads or pearls inside the shaft, which deliver massaging sensations vaginally.

What's the difference between the various dual-stim rabbit vibes?

Since their popularity explosion, bunny vibes have bred, and there is now a whole warren of them. Hundreds of rabbits have come hopping onto the market, each claiming to be the best – many of which we’ve tried and enjoyed, and lots we’ve rejected.

Simple Rabbit Vibrators

Simple rabbit vibes feature a fixed, non-rotating shaft along with the all-important clitoral stimulator. Often smaller or slimmer in size, these offer easy, user-friendly penetration.

Bendy Bunny Rabbit Vibrator in black with white battery cap

Classic Rabbit Vibrators

Classic rabbits feature a shaft that twirls around, offering sensual stimulation just inside the opening of the vagina. This type of bunny vibes is usually filled with beads or pearls that can be free-moving or attached to a spine in the middle of the shaft.

A classic rabbit with metal beads attached to a metal spine is firmer and less yielding than a rabbit with free-flowing beads. However, the outside is soft and squishy, so they are generally still very comfortable to use.

A thrusting rabbit is slightly different. This rabbit also has metal beads attached to a spine, but the beads move up and down rather than round and round. This movement delivers a unique thrusting sensation.

Our most popular rabbit with metal beads is the Sh! Waterproof Rabbit, a slim vibe with rows of beads for internal stimulation and strong clitoral stimulation.

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator in purple

Rabbit Vibrators for the G-spot

There are a lot of exciting new Rabbit vibes on the market, including ones that deliver G-spot sensations. Depending upon what you believe, the G-spot is either:

  1. An area all in its own glory
  2. A part of the internal clitoris

The latter is more likely, but not enough scientific study has gone into it, so no one knows for sure. Either way, many women & vulva-owners experience mind-blowing pleasure when the G-spot area is stimulated in just the right way.

The Most Popular G-spot Rabbit:



Luxury Rabbits

Luxury rabbit vibes often don’t look anything like rabbits at all. They are usually made from silicone, and more often than not, they’ll be rechargeable. In short, they’re a modern-day alternative to the classic dual-stimulation design. If you already love the dual stimulation of a rabbit-style vibe but would like one with a more modern style, a luxe rabbit is a great buy.

We’d generally recommend luxury bunnies as an upgrade rather than a first-buy. If you are a newbie exploring double-pleasure sensations, we’d advise you to purchase something a bit more purse-friendly. This way, you can work out how you feel about the type of stimulation rabbit vibrators offer without breaking the bank.

Best-Selling Luxury Rabbit:

lelo Ina Wave dual stimulation rabbit


Are rabbit vibrators noisy?

Despite the claims, silent Rabbits don't exist - sorry! So, a quick word about rabbit volume. The bottom line is that anything with a motor will emit a slight hum, even if it’s low. ‘Almost-silent’ rabbit vibes are generally the luxe rabbits with superior build quality and materials, plus top-quality motors and advanced technology.

Simple rabbits can also be quiet-ish and discreet. These generally offer just vibration and don’t have the whirling shafts that require a lot of power to ensure an effective rotating motion. It’s this twirling action that, especially if the motor also has to force beads or pearls around with it, makes many vibes audible but worth it! So for sensations over sound, we recommend you look at classic Rabbits, then lock the door, turn up the music and enjoy!

A bunny fresh out of the box may sound loud, but… The good news is that once a rabbit vibrator is cushioned inside you, the noise is (ahem) muffled.

You can use the volume filter on the product pages to whittle down rabbits into quiet [slight hum, not audible from across the room] and medium [like a mobile phone vibrating, but unlikely to be heard from the next room]. Also, on each product page, the Technical Info tab will tell you how the toy is rated for volume.


Rabbit vibes for couples

Many women prefer to use rabbit vibes on their own. But, if you have a partner who’s keen on using toys together, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your vibe together.

Letting your partner be in charge of the sensations, and with so many different sensations on offer, they can tease out a long-build orgasm from you. Just remember, the longer the build-up, the stronger the orgasm!


Body-Safe Rabbit Vibrators

We carry only body-safe, phthalate-free Rabbit vibrators in TPE/Elastomer or Silicone.

Other sex toy shops stock rabbit vibrators made of jelly: a soft, squishy sex toy material that is a mix of PVC and phthalates. This is a questionable material that has raised health concerns. If you do own a jelly rabbit, we recommend using a condom on it.

We’ve also seen (and rejected!) many rabbits that claim to be made of silicone (the safest material for sex toys) when only a little silicone is mixed in with the jelly. If avoiding phthalates is important to you (as it is for us), we recommend doing the ‘sniff & feel’ test on any bunny you buy from another sex shop. If it smells strongly of chemicals or feels clammy when you take it out of the box, it’s probably got phthalates in it, and it is best disposed of. 

Q&A: Why do rabbit vibes have bunny-shaped clitoral stimulators?

We have Japanese Shogun law or simple custom (it’s unclear exactly which) to thank for creating a toy that spoke to clitoral pleasure in this way. This law, or sensibility, decreed sex toys should not be made to look like human genitals.
Fast forward to the 1970s, when a Japanese manufacturer created the first vibrators with clitoral stims. In line with custom (or law?), they were made to look like cute animals; beavers, dolphins, or hummingbirds…

But it was the cute rabbit and those divided bunny ears that worked for most women – a total fluke perhaps, but with a happy ending!

Q&A: Why do rabbit vibes have a face on them?

Look closely at a rabbit vibe and you’ll notice that whilst the shaft may look phallic, it’s actually a totem of a smiling woman with a lovely page-boy hairstyle. This harks back to that Japanese law/custom mentioned above – a creative way to create a toy that initially looks quite phallic but gets around it with some creative styling.

When we first discovered our first rabbit vibe way back in 1993, it was called ‘Roger Rabbit’, in the manner of all double-entendre sex toy names of the time. Once we saw that it was actually shaped like a woman, we re-christened it, and Jessica Rabbit was born. The rest is, as they say, history…

Old-skool rabbit vibrator in pink with multi-coloured beads
Jessica Rabbit - the OG!

Hop to it - browse all our popular rabbit vibes here!


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