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Sh! x Mind Over MRKH Orgasmic! Virtual Class

Sh! x Mind Over MRKH Orgasmic! Virtual Class - Sh! Women's Store

Sh! & Mind Over MRKH have teamed up to deliver a safe space to chat about sex, pleasure and orgasms for those living with MRKH.

Mind Over MRKH is a group of women with MRKH - part of our mission is to empower and normalise the conversation and education around sex in our community, because after all we are just women with sexual desires! SO we got in touch with Sh!, after a fellow MRKH warrior recommended them to us for sex toys! We have given Sh! an insight into the varying anatomies of an MRKH woman and dilating - but actually, this doesn’t make a difference when it comes to pleasure and that includes during dilation!

Sh!’s resident sex educator Evie Fehilly will cover topics such as dilating, self-pleasure and sex toys! 

Evie Fehilly


  • A specially curated Orgasmic! Class for women with MRKH around dilating, self-pleasure, and reaching your orgasmic potential with Sh! resident sex educator, Evie Fehilly.
  • Thursday 21st May at 6.30pm via Zoom, £5
  • Fun, friendly, educational & inspirational, and fully clothed!
  • If you have MRKH and would like a ticket for this event, please email us at

We understand that this is a difficult time for many and some are stretched financially. If you can not afford a ticket please email us at and we will be in touch with you.

Please note that this is an online event so no physical tickets will be sent out, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the online stream. Please get in touch with us on you experience any technical difficulties. 

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