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Instagram Live Streams: July

Instagram Live Streams: July - Sh! Women's Store

Summer is here and social distancing is continuing - just like our online events! We have a fantastic line-up for you this month, all amazing, strong women working hard to empower others. Our Instagram live streams are of course free to watch, all you need to do is join us @Shwomenstore Instagram Live Stream and click on the "live" button below the Sh! logo at the advertised time.

Evie Fehilly

As always, our live streams are hosted by the fabulous Evie Fehilly, Sex Clown & Sex Educator at Sh! If you haven't yet had the pleasure, we recommend tuning in just for her sparkly personality and sharp wit!

DM us all your burning questions for our fantastic July guests and Evie will put the q's to them live during the streams.

Watch previous live streams on the Sh! YouTube channel.

Bx Sassy - The Sassy Show

When: Friday 3rd of July at 8pm on the @Shwomenstore insta live stream

The Sassy Show Bethany Burgoyne (who goes by the name Bx Sassy) is an artist, performer and writer, dedicated to encouraging open and educational conversations between women.

Exploring the ins and outs of her own bodily functions and appearance through self-portraiture, vlogging, and live performance, Bx embraces the wonders of her female body and sexual pleasure whilst challenging the stigma and silence that surrounds these conversations. Some of her favourite topics include body hair, menstruation, beauty standards, and masturbation.

In 2019, Bx founded The Sassy Show, a multimedia platform promoting women in the arts and entertainment industry, advocating for female led, creative conversations that drive societal change. ‘Cos boy, have we had enough of the white male gaze controlling our female identity!?! You can read more about her work on @bxsassy and join fellow Sassy Souls on @_thesassyshow

Bx Sassy
Watch the screen recording here!

The Candid Collective

​When: Thursday 9th of July at 1pm on the @Shwomenstore insta live stream

Becky is an advocate for frank, straightforward and openminded discussion about topics that can be difficult to talk about. She strongly believes that the quality of the relationships we have determines the quality of our lives and that continuing to learn about the relationships we have (whether they be sexual, romantic, platonic or the relationship we have with ourself) improves wellbeing and helps people to lead happier and healthier lives.

Becky also works as a sex and relationships educator at Sexplain, delivering workshops in secondary schools on topics ranging from porn, consent and healthy relationships to periods and genital anatomy.

Coming from an event production background, Becky returned to education in 2015 to study psychology at Goldsmiths University, London. Her academic studies have focussed on casual sex, sexual pleasure and societal attitudes towards sex.
Watch the screen recording here!

Zachi Brewster

When: Thursday 16th of July at 8pm on the @Shwomenstore insta live stream

Zachi is a Black, queer, sex and pleasure educator, abortion and miscarriage doula and a community manager for reproductive wellbeing organisations. She supports individuals through transitional experiences, creates and organises content for organisations and builds communities around our shared stories. Her work aligns with her personal mission to improve reproductive and sexual health services for all
Watch the screen recording here!

Women of Brixton

When: Thursday 23rd of July at 8pm on the @Shwomenstore insta live stream

Women of Brixton is an intersectional feminist community based in south London.

The main goal is to create value for the Community spreading Equality, Intersectionality, and Body Positivity through meetings and workshops. WoB love to host other sisters' projects and collaborate with other realities 'cause they believe that Sisterhood and Education are the basis of their work and research.

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