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Blue Monday

Blue Monday - Sh! Women's Store

Blue Monday is the name given to what is seen as the most depressing day of the year, typically the third Monday in January. By now, many of us will have fallen off the dry January wagon or reverted back to eating meat after a half-hearted start of Veganuary; let's be honest, we'd be much more determined to carry on through the month if we were celebrating Vag-anuary.

We don't want our lovely customers to feel blue for the wrong reason, so we're offering money off on three selected products to ensure the day brings some (blue) sparkle.

System JO Candy Shop Lube

First up on our list of blue favourites we have System JO Candy Shop lube in bubble gum flavour. Delectably sweet, the ingredients in this lube is sourced from a plant-based glycerine and infused with natural flavour extracts. Drizzle this water-based lube on to a body part of your choosing before licking and sucking it off...

Also, for those of you who are partial to a fancy cocktail or even a Vodka shot, this lube is the perfect addition and Team Sh! have been known to indulge every now and again. For a Bubble Gum shot, simply pour out one measure of ice-cold Vodka, drizzle in System JO Bubble Gum lube, give it a good stir with a cocktail stick and then...down in one, cheers!

For Blue Monday, System Jo Candy Shop Lube is only £8.50, a saving of 15%!

JO BubbleGum Lube
System JO Bubble Gum Lube

Sh! Blue Glass Dildo

A glass dildo like the Sh! Blue is an exceptionally sexy toy to play with; it features ripples, spheres, and tiny bumps for extra stimulation, all seamlessly made from toughened glass.

The Sh! glass dildo is double-ended, which means you can enjoy each end separately. The slimmer end feels wonderful when slowly twirled around inside the vagina (with a bit of lube, of course) and the larger end feels equally delicious just held in place and used for pelvic floor squeezes.

For extra va-va-voom to chase away the January blues, run some warm water over the dildo before playtime starts, and your Vag-anuary will feel warm and ready for sensuality...

For Blue Monday, the Sh! Blue Glass Dildo is only £27.30, a saving of 30%!

Sh! Blue Glass Dildo

We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

We-Vibe Ditto is a sex tech wonder, perfect for lovers who like to play together - and apart. By downloading the free We-Connect app onto your smartphones, you and your playmate can enjoy each other even if you are oceans apart. Add to that an in-app feature that allows you to facetime or whisper hotly, your arousal will know no bounds...

Slim and made of smooth silicone, Ditto's flexible neck and small size make it comfortable to wear. Make sure to add some anal lube before inserting the plug though; the tissue in the tush is ever so delicate, so this helps ensure there is no pain, only pleasure.

For Blue Monday We-Vibe Ditto is only £92.65, a saving of 15%!

We-Vibe Ditto

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