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Hurrah - Bubble Bath Day Is Here!

Happy Bubble Bath Day! - Sh! Women's Store

Bubble Bath Day is here, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking forward to slipping into a tub full of silky suds this evening. January has been dry, dreary and vegan so far, so a little bit of foamy luxury will go a long way.

You don’t need much for this annual celebration of cleanliness. A bathtub, hot water, and a sweet-smelling bath bomb or a bottle of your local supermarket’s finest soaps, and you’re good to hop in amongst the bubbles. Unless you want to go old-skool, in which case you could drop in a rubber duckie and a wooden back-scrubber too.

We like to add one more thing, though. For a truly steamy bubble bath, a waterproof toy is essential.

Bubble Bath with a Waterproof Suction Toy

We swear by clitoral suction toys for orgasm reliability, and if you haven’t yet tried one of these, it’s high time to give it a go.

We-Vibe Melt is one of the newest gals on the block. Trust us, once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it back down again! Pleasure Air technology uses changes in air pressure to gently massage the clitoris. Whilst it’s not directly touching your honey spot, it manages to build intensity and bring on toe-curling orgasms in mere minutes.

We have found that it’s easier to become multi-orgasmic when using suction toys, which is, of course, a massive bonus! The over-stimulation that can happen when using fingers or traditional clit vibes is missing, so you might find you can keep coming until you run out of steam.

Many of our customers have told us that they have squirted when using a suction toy. So, if this phenomenon intrigues you, it is well worth exploring. Of course, playing and squirting in the bath means you needn’t worry about damp bedsheets – you can just go again!

We-Vibe Melt for reliable orgasms!

Making G-spot Waves in the Bath Tub

If you’re looking to make some G-spot waves for Bubble Bath day, look no further! Lora Di Carlo Sway is a brilliant vibrator for bathtime fun!

The long handle is easy to hold, and the gently curved shaft lets the user apply pressure against this erogenous zone without much effort. Housing two motors, one at each end of the toy, Sway offers many ways to explore pleasure.

With 7 pleasure modes plus a warming function, you’ll have plenty to choose from during bath time and beyond…

If you have already mastered G-spot play, you might be looking at taking your foamy pleasure to the next level. Let us present to you the Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator!

Stronic G is truly next-level pleasure play; it offers not only targeted stimulation, but it thrusts and pulses on its own.

Let us repeat that: It Thrusts And Pulses On Its Own.

Made from soft silicone, Stronic G has been designed with the G-spot in mind. Once you have pressed the ‘FUN’ button, the pulsator delivers deep, rhythmic and thrusting massage, and all you need to do is lie back amongst the suds and enjoy!

Warning: If you have a pacemaker, Stronic G is not suitable as the internal magnets could play havoc with your equipment.

Bubble Bath Butt

If you feel worried about hygiene issues, exploring anal play in the privacy of a warm bathroom is perfect.

We love this small but shapely butt plug made out of body-safe silicone. It features a flared base and a finger loop for safe play, and handily, the box holds a small bottle of the all-essential anal lube for comfortable and pain-free play. Anal lube is thicker than other lubes, so the staying-power is better. The water will eventually wash the lube away, but this is easily fixed - just add a bit more!

Try the plug on its own, or pair it with your fave clit or internal toy for a tag-team effort of pleasure.

The Sh! Plug & Lube Kit is perfect for newbies.

If you are a seasoned anal explorer hoping to expand your pleasure horizons, a glass toy could be an exciting way forward. We adore this ripple glass dildo. Not only pretty to look at, but it also feels absolutely divine in use. Glass toys are temperature-responsive but don’t over-heat the dildo. The delicate tissue in your butt are super-sensitive and could get hurt. Just warming the dildo by rolling it between your palms or running under warm water is plenty.

Again, make sure to use a good anal lubricant. For sex toys made out of glass, silicone lube is a good option. Silicone-based lube isn’t water-soluble, so the slipperiness will last for as long as you want it to – simply wash off with soap & water afterwards. Your tush will feel exceptionally happy with all the attention!

Tub Thumping with Waterproof Sex Toys

Managing penetrative sex with a partner can be tricky in a standard size tub. However, if you do manage to pretzel yourselves into a good position, we have a couple of suggestions for added excitement.

How about this small-size wand massager, designed for fun in the water? 

A rechargeable wand that’s sexy to look at, easy to handle and feels wonderful when pressed against various body parts, Orca is perfect for bath day. 

This massager features a ball-shaped head that can be held against your neck, your back, your pussy and your crack (sing along with Khia here), and as it’s waterproof, it’s a great bath buddy too.

Hold Orca along your vulva to experience the width of the vibrations before angling it for more precise thrills. The roundness of the head is perfect for grinding against during doggy style (this will most definitely result in water splish-sploshing onto the floor).

As Orca is dual-ended and features a G-spot seeking tip on the handle, you can also explore double penetration with this buzzing bae! 

We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator is a bestseller and we can see why; it's a great toy for couples to enjoy together.

Unite slips comfortably between partners during intercourse to deliver extra waves of vibrating pleasure to both, specifically the extra clitoral stimulation that 70%+ women need to orgasm.

Small, slim and quiet, with easy to use (and enjoy!) features, Unite offers hands-free extra thrills without being obtrusive to your underwater moves and grooves...

Unite - made for two!

To Sud Up...

At the end of the National Bubble Bath Day, who doesn't want an opportunity to lather up and lay back. Succumb to this apparently national event and grab your favourite towel and toy for a long and luscious menage à trois in your tub.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some fish food for thought, so make like Flipper and happy splishing, splashing and maybe even squirting people <3

Need some inspiration? Browse our waterproof vibrators here!

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