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Men's Sex Toys & Pleasure

Men's Sex Toys & Pleasure - Sh! Women's Store

Sex toys are not only for women - men can have lots of fun with toys too! Whether you're a single pringle or partnered up, there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourself to a sex toy.


It won't come as a surprise that the glans, shaft and party bag (testicles) are the hot spots, but did you know that the head of the penis (glans) has around 4000 nerve-endings? Or the hump of skin running the length of the shaft (underside) is a cylinder filled with erectile tissue and blood vessels? No wonder these places feel so good when they are touched! Pressure and rhythm are essential for an explosive climax, but there are many ways to tease them out...

Let's explore some of the options!

Cock Rings For Snugness & Pleasure

Slipping a stretchy ring over your semi-erect penis is a trick to make your manhood firmer and more sensitive. The ring restricts the back-flow of blood, making the erection feel harder for longer.


Some rings have a separate hoop that goes around the ball sack for extra snugness. A cock & ball ring is super-fun if you like a gentle tug on your party bag during play. The extra hoop does the tugging, and you'll have your hands free for other exciting things!


cock & ball ring in black silicone


Do you have a female or vulva-owning partner? If so, we recommend opting for a vibrating cock ring with an additional piece for clitoral stimulation. This allows her to grind against the vibration to maximize her pleasure. Or, try slipping the ring over the shaft upside-down. This tickles the sensitive area behind your balls.


Masturbation Toys for Men

Masturbators are a sexy way to enjoy different types of stimulation without too much effort. They are designed for you to slip your penis into. Once inside, you can enjoy the ribbed and noduled interiors with an all-encompassing pressure or a 'jacking-off' motion.

You'll notice that we don't carry 'realistic' masturbators at Sh! Why? We think male sexuality has been reduced to a single, *visual* entity by much of the sex industry. Men have a lot more imagination and sensuality than are given credit for by these toys. We also find them a bit icky, and we know that many men (as well as lots of women) agree with us. So, you can browse away, confident you won't be hit between the eyes (or other places) by a fleshy replica of faux lady lips!

Temga Spinner masurbation cup in clear material with lime green lines for decoration


Male customers tell us that using sex toys and masturbators make solo pleasure more fun, and with all the different types of masturbators, you can enjoy a different type of stimulation each time!

Anal Pleasure & Prostate Toys

If you want to try anal play, and lots of men do, safety is your main concern. Any toy used for anal play must have a flared base or a ring at the end, just to ensure it doesn't get sucked up by the strong sphincter muscle. If you're not sure what size to opt for, we recommend to go small - and add lots of lube for a safe, comfortable session.

If you're interested in prostate play, we have several great toys to choose from. Prostate toys have a longer shaft with a gentle curve that's been designed to reach and stimulate your prostate. We have it on good authority that prostate stimulation is extremely pleasurable, and enhances the male orgasm.

Lelo Loki protate massager in blue silicone withu white plastic handle


Top 3 sex toys as chosen by our male customers

The most popular toy for men is Tenga Eggs! 

A Tenga Egg is a squishy masturbator with internal ribs and dots for superb stimulation. Drizzle a little bit of water-based lube into the squishy egg, pop the lubed-up over the head of the penis, and massage the stretchy egg over the shaft.  

Placing the uncracked egg in a bowl of warm water before using it offers an extra delicious treat...

A Tenga Egg in white packaging with purpe pattern


The second most popular toys for men is a cock ring.

Cock rings are popular with couples, but fellas have found they make great solo toys too. Placing a ring around the base of the penis (or stack a couple of rings) offer a tight squeeze, which in turn enhances sensations. Every stroke will feel enhanced and the climax will be strong enough to blow your socks off...

A cock and ball ring in black silicone


The third most popular sex toy for men is a prostate massager.

Zeus prostate massager is a nifty ass-toy that you control with the help of a remote. 

Walnut-shaped in size, the prostate swells and fills with blood as arousal builds. Using a prostate massager makes reaching the prostate so much easier, but we should warn you... Ejaculation can be fast and incredibly intense!

zeus prostate massager in black silicone + a removable bullet vibrator.

Browse sex toys for men here!

Best Men's sex toys

The toys our male/penis-owning customers love...

Need any advice on Men's sex toys? Ask away...

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