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Different Masturbators & How to Use Them

Different Masturbators & How to Use Them - Sh! Women's Store

Here are our tips on how to choose and use a masturbator. 

After years of squealing "eeeeuw" at the downright nasty "realism" of many male masturbator sex toys (and refusing to give such dodgy toys shelf-space), we have finally found some male masturbator toys that everybody can feel good about.

Whether you're a sassy singleton or happily coupled-up, masturbation is healthy. It's a great way of finding out your likes and dislikes, it relives pressure if you're feeling stressed or just too darn frisky to not do it! Many people masturbate to fall asleep (insomniacs - take notice) and others do it because they are bored. Whatever the reason, masturbation is a fabulous way of keeping a rosy glow on your cheeks.

We stock a fun selection of masturbators for men & penis-owners, and we have many female customers who buy them as treats for their partners. Men buy them for themselves too, of course, whenever they fancy something a little extra for the weekend.

Our most popular male masturbators are Tenga Eggs

One-pop masturbators are the most popular gifts for men here at Sh!

Women buy Tenga Eggs for their men as they can be used as fun couples toys too. Tenga masturbation eggs are very innocent looking, so perfect if you are going away for the weekend, or if you have curious kids looking through your drawers. All they see is a cute egg shape in colourful wrapping.

The Eggs are super-easy to use: Unwrap the shrink film, twist the plastic shell apart (just like you would with a chocolate Kinder Egg), and take out the soft silicone top. Open the accompanying sachet of lube, drizzle the lube into the egg, place the top over the head of your penis, and work it up and down, around and around or a mixture of both. There are several Tenga Eggs to choose from, but whichever one you choose, you'll have a great time!


A Tenga Egg with purple pattern on the shell


Reusable Masturbators

One-pop-cups may seem like a lot of money - especially if you like to use them regularly. Instead, you might want to think about investing in a reusable masturbator.

Reusable masturbators offer nodules and bumps and a tight squeeze in all the right places. We stock only aesthetically pleasing ones, so you needn't worry about having to hide an unpleasant looking masturbator from nosy flatmates.

A reusable masturbator will usually come with a sachet of lube, but there's no reason why you can't use your favourite water-based lube instead. Like all other sex toys, reusable masturbators are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry.

A reusable masturbator laying on its side. A black cup with clear inside.

Vibrating Masturbators

We've long known that buzzing toys aren't just for women & clit-owners - men can enjoy them just as much. For guys who enjoy vibrations, Fun Factory Manta is just the thing! Vibration over the glans (the head of the penis), against the frenulum and up & down the shaft can be intensely pleasurable, as can a well-placed buzz against the perineum (the area between ball-sack and anus). For extra sensuality, we recommend a generous dollop io water-based lube.

If you fancy going high end, there is always Tenga Flip Zero that does pretty much everything, except for cooking you a slap-up dinner afterwards. Dual vibrating cores emit a pulsing vibration from the center of the elastomer sleeve, sending a trembling stimulation throughout. Just lube up and strap yourself in - this ride is going to blow your mind!

A Manta penis stoker in green silicone with a black handle.

Vacuum Pump Masturbators

Many men enjoy the feeling of having their penis gently stretched, which is exactly what a vacuum pump does (very similar to clit pumping for women). Offering suction, enlargement and vibration, a Penis Pump Masturbator is a triple whammy of sensations!

A Vacuum Masturbator uses vacuum treatment on the inserted penis, improving penile tissue and blood flow, resulting in a temporarily larger member and harder erection. Used for solo play, the strap-on vibrating bullet adds a layer of extra excitement.

The Penis Pump Masturbators stocked at Sh! are intended for play only. In case of medical issues or erectile dysfunction, please see your GP.

penis pump in clear plastic and black


Browse all our male masturbators here.

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