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Suite Moments at Sh!

Suite Moments at Sh! - Sh! Women's Store
Artist Spoonface talks to Team Sh! about his passion, inspirations and upcoming exhibition at Sh!  Welcome Spoonface, thanks for joining us on the Sh! Blog.

So, tell us a little bit about yourself
In another life I'm a musician and run a digital rights management brand.
My first commercial release was around July 2000.  I performed a cover of a Barry White song called 'You see the trouble with me' and that took us to number one in the national charts.  I did loads of touring and eclectic collaborations with a diverse collection of artists from around the globe.
I've always been one to experiment and try different creative avenues.
Having that kind of mainstream success at such a young age allowed me to deeply appreciate what I do.  I tend to do what I love or generally feels right at the time and express that through my art.
The erotic art noodling came about when I bought a new bridge camera and wanted to explore visually what I often sing about, that being sensuality.  I spent some time working out how to keep things simple without treading old ground.   Soon found that I didnt want to do porn and glamour didnt excite me too much either so fusing poetry with some of the pieces eventually began to sit right with me.
Fun with models in a North London Hotel room later and here we are.
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Warm, Sexy, Evolving
What inspired you to start creating photographic art?
I got bored of the politics and protocol of the music industry.
The process of making music, connecting the energy and allowing it to manifest as an audible experience.. amazing!  The process of getting into charts, waiting for radio playlisting, being surrounded by people trying too hard to be famous and watching people constantly compromise for a 'chance' .. boring bollox lol.
Rather than moan about it, I decided to keep my creative juices flowing remembering that ultimately I'm human and I'm artist.  I speak, I sing, I see.  I have a voice, eyes, ears, a heart to feel and share with.  So I thought, lets step out and do things a little differently.
The response has been fab.  A few private collectors around Europe and other parts of the world get in touch for prints, requests for private erotic shoots come in and I'm simply embracing the journey wholeheartedly.
How would you describe your style?
 My style is unorthadox but simple.  I like to play with angles, soft natural lighting, get closeup or keep blemishes.  I try not to get rid of the bumps, chicken skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and hairyness.  I like that (even though some models dont always lol)  This isn’t a lads magazine so some slightly soft focused comps and blurring adds to the fun too. 
When setting up my compositions I speak with my subjects alot, I want them to relax into giving as much of themselves as possible to the moment without trying too hard.
I enjoy the stories they tell and sometimes use that to shape the mood. 
Your exhibition at Sh! named Suite Moments, tell us a bit more about the exhibition.
Suite Moments started in Suite 301 a lovely space at the top of a hotel.
There's no lift so all the women that feature had to lug suitcases of lingerie up flights of creaky, winding stair cases to the room ensuring thy were nicely warmed up by the time they got there ;).
My first shoot there will always be remembered as I went on to release two photobooks from the experience  
I used images from four of the five models I worked with that day.  All were so different and creatively inspired me through completely different routes and ideas even though all were in the same location.
I like to build relationships with people I get on with so I'm always looking forward to developing some new reasons to work with those lasses of Suite 301.
What inspires you as a photographic artist?
I'm an energy person.  I go by the response and mood I get from the people and objects around me.  Even if I have a predefined idea I like to unlock a piece of the subject to share within the moment.
Nudity is great as it's pure and natural.  It's a moment of vulnerability that someone has allowed you to share.  The trust, the body heat, the smell of the room as you and they warm up and move around each other all add to the triggers that send my mind and eye searching and capturing.
Who inspires you as a photographic artist?
 I don’t really have one specific person I could name.
I get inspired by a host of things and people.  From lose conversation, passing comments and laughter filled banter to questions that pop up in my head.
What are you working on at the moment?
I'm working on a new erotic photobook with poetry, words and phrases exploring contrasts.  Also making myself more available for the right private shoot projects.

Any words of advice for aspiring artists?

Get on with it.  There's no right or wrong.  Be open to positive critique but do what you love.  We can all keep growing and improving, so F*k it, be the best you can be at expressing you through what you do.  Oh and enjoy it!



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