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Hot Sauce Magazine - Sh! Women's Store
A brand new magazine is out on our horizon. Hot Sauce demystifies sexuality using art, fashion and conversation. It’s seventies, sexy and sublimely designed. Engaging long-form text, striking photography and charming illustrations make up the content of the limited first edition.
According to editor-in-chief, Annabelle Peacock, Hot Sauce “is like a gossip column with morals”. Rather than the worship of celeb culture, it opens up the individual sexual experiences, perspectives and art from real people. Issue 01, THE TALK, is an eclectic mix of coming-of-age tales and stories of self-discovery.
To begin with, Bex (who you may have heard of from the popular blog Bex Talks Sex) discusses how their journey into kink unfolded their true gender identity. Kayla Lords provides us with another of our favourite articles as she shines a light on the taboo nature of living a 24/7 kink lifestyle.
Another personal essay sees one writer reminisces about the time when her psychic abilities enabled her to find her perfect match. Meanwhile, Jake Hall highlights the harmful impact that queer stereotyping can have on a young person trying to navigate their way as they mature.
If that wasn't enough, key sculptures from an emerging artist and designer means you never really know what you're getting on the next page. It could be a silicone foot. Or, maybe a vulva made of liquid gold. Perhaps, it's a series of photos dedicated to the natural enigma that is the female breast. And, don't even get us started on the bunny illustrations. Add to that your very own kinky dictionary and a set of horoscopes like no other, Hot Sauce is a refreshing take on our most basic instincts.
According to their about section, “We applaud realism over aspiration. We love the word "smut". We desire honesty. If you don’t, you can choke on it.” How promising. If you would like to get involved we have a hunch that they are on the lookout for fresh contributors and collaborators. In fact, following the success of their launch party last month they are quietly promising a host of events to begin in late Spring. So, if you want to get involved, buy the issue or simply find out more about them and what they do, check out their website or give them a like on Instagram at - it utterly sizzles.
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