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Free Erotica - Learning to Soar by Bebe Balocca

Free Erotica - Learning to Soar by Bebe Balocca - Sh! Women's Store

Hello and Fabulous Friday to you all!

We are getting ready for a a busy weekend, and we have all our fingers and toes crossed for winning the Best Blog Award at the Erotic Awards tonight! (If we win, we’ll get to take home the Flying Golden Penis – woop!)
But, first: here’s a short teaser from the lushiously named Bebe Balocca, who’s enjoying her first visit to Free Erotica Friday at Sh!. Over to you, Bebe!
Hi everyone, and many thanks to Sh! for inviting me to visit. I’m delighted to be at Free Erotica Friday because I have an excerpt that’ll slide right in and set you abuzz.
It’s from my latest release, “Learning to Soar.” Because Chloe has some trouble reaching the big O, her friend refers her to a sex therapist. Damien’s sessions take place in his thumping night club, where the patrons are all former clients. They’re ready and willing to help Chloe with her little problem…

Learning to Soar

The sounds of the bar had amplified since Chloe had entered Damien’s office. She walked unsteadily toward the packed dance floor. She was glad that she’d worn boots, the ankle support helped hold her upright. Chloe approached the edge of the dance floor and took stock of the situation.
Tingling, pleasantly pinched nipples? Check.
Heavy, tight sensation in pussy from inserted toy? Check.
Mass of writhing individuals to navigate through? Check.
Let’s do this thing.
Chloe stepped onto the smooth wooden floor and felt the music throb in her bones. Does it have to be so damn loud? she wondered. She worked her way around several couples and came upon two laughing young women. They appeared to be engaged in a contest to see who could squat down to the floor then rise up, slowly, while moving to the beat. Just looking at them made Chloe’s thighs burn in protest.
With her eyes on the dancers with thighs of steel, Chloe failed to watch where she was going. She bumped into a solid wall and recoiled in alarm and embarrassment.
The huge man grinned—his bright white smile shone from his dark face. Chloe’s jaw dropped open and she felt the chrome toy start to slide out. Clenching her muscles tightly, she clamped her thighs together and willed the sleek little metal egg to get back where it belonged. Once again, the heavy fullness from its insertion combined with the tingling pressure against her G spot caused her to gasp with pleasure.
And the hugely muscled, hot guy in front of her wasn’t helping any.
Arnaud placed one hand on the small of her back and drew her to him, rolling his hips enticingly.
Chloe let her pull him close. She swayed with him as the music pounded in her head. His black silk shirt was now open almost to his navel, exposing his hairless, sculpted torso. Arnaud caught her eye and winked. Chloe smiled and brought her hand up to his arm. It seemed that, with regard to their awkward introduction, all was forgiven. Chloe’s fingers failed to reach even halfway around his bicep, but what she could reach of his unyielding, muscular hardness felt wonderful.
Chloe blushed to feel the stiffness of Arnaud’s cock against her belly. She stroked his thick arm as he pressed into her, thrilling at the sweet, shameless pressure from his erection. Leaning against him, she lightly traced her nipples against his chest. Arnaud’s eyes widened and his cock twitched in response.
Chloe rubbed her jewellery-encased nipples against his pectorals and ground her belly against his erection, closing her eyes and relishing the wickedly delicious sensations. The chain hanging from the metal toy tickled her lady bits delicately, and the chrome egg inside her felt heavy, thick, slippery, and… alive?
She cried out when the egg vibrated inside her and glanced up to the balcony in alarm. There was Damien, sitting at a table and looking down at her. He waved nonchalantly and held up a small device.
Bebe Balocca lives in a teeny-tiny town in the southeastern United States, surrounded by rolling hills and lots of cows. Her house is brimming with rowdy sons, hot husband, and more pets than she can shake a stick at. When she closes her eyes, though, she’s in a white stucco villa on the Mediterranean, sipping some red wine and watching the turquoise waves crash at her feet. Next to her hot husband, naturally.

Thanks again for having me at Sh! I hope you all have fabulously filthy weekends. ;)

Find out more about Bebe on her website. 

Buy your copy of Learning to Soar here.

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