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Free Erotica: Work Place by Ella Williams

Free Erotica: Work Place by Ella Williams - Sh! Women's Store
Every Friday we give you FREE erotica from some of the very best authors in the world of erotic fiction.
Today, we are getting all hot and bothered by the latest Free Erotica Friday offering, Work Place, by Ella Williams. Like most of you, we have hot fantasies about getting carried away at work (and what a perfect setting we’re in!), but as we’re proper and professional, it’ll remain firmly in our frisky fantasies…

Work Place

For far too long I wanted to christen my work uniform. For him to have his filthy dirty way with me in it would be such a power role reversal. It was a total waste that every day I took them off without any kinky sex. My crisp white shirt and knee length pencil skirt with my signature killer heels, it was about time I took the bull by the horns and demanded it!.....lucky for me he was just a text message read....

Hello *****  I have worn my uniform for two and a half years and I haven’t had sex in it, will you christen it with me?....while you’re there fuck me on your desk, will you let me come to your work when it’s all closed, I want u to fuck me in my work uniform over your desk...will you?
Within minutes I had a very positive reply...."when? and YES!"
Texts were flying between us getting very heated and passionate over this very exciting sexual experience.  So the date and time was arranged for a Sunday afternoon when HIS work place would be all locked up and not a soul around.
I got ready for work but this time it was with a bit of a kinky twist to it....we all know how it starts big hair and red lipstick that goes without saying, all waxed and smooth for him (well and me just how I love it to be) He wanted me with no knickers on when I arrived but for the journey I thought I better put them on went the black see through panties.  Just for this occasion I wore stockings, which I have never worn under my uniform I felt amazing and sexy knowing they would be soon wrapped around his waist.  I left the stockings bit as a surprise for him...popped on my black high velvet heels and I was out the door, as far as anyone else was concerned I would be in work...Shhhhhhhhhhhh I would be working on someone else’s desk today. This was one duty I was looking forward to clocking on to.
I text him to tell him I was on my way, with a smile on my face for the whole journey and bit of nervous flutters I drove and met him at his work place.  The gates were already open I drove in parking my car up.  I took one last check of my makeup and flick of my long curly hair; I made my way to the open fire exit.
My heels echoed in this large empty building, I seen him through his office window, he smiled at me sat in his chair waiting for me.  Dressed in his jeans and black top he looked so handsome and sexy.  I made my way over to his office door he stood to greet me, he is just a little taller than me when I’m in my heels.  He kisses me; our lips touched causing an electric spark run through my whole body. He kissed me with passion and fire.  Pulling me closer to him my ample chest pressed firmly against his.  Letting my tongue gently enter his perfect mouth.  There was no use for words right now as I pulled at his clothing aching to get to his naked torso, His hands drifted over my skirt to my waist to the small of my back then a cheeky grab of my ass.  He laughs as he demands I sit on his desk NOW.   I have other plans.  I drop to my knees skirt hitched up showing my stocking tops. I didn’t see his face but I heard his moan  as I lower his jeans to show me his already hard throbbing enormous cock...I can feel my wetness on the panties that he doesn’t know I’m wearing.  I open my mouth to taste him, MMMMM just how I remembered him; his strong wide cock filled my mouth again.  His hands in my hair gently rocking me back and forth to the rhythm that he wants.  Deeper and deeper I try to please him by trying to take him all, but this is not possible no matter how hard I try.  I gag as he touches the back of my throat, I gently caress and kiss his balls, and he is clean shaven for me. I feel his peachy ass as I continue to work his shaft with my wet aching mouth, his hands guiding me deeper and deeper; my eyes begin to fill with water and my pussy with hot juice for him.  I place my hand up my hitch skirt to feel my wet juices I take my fingers full of fluid and rub them on the tip of his cock I look up at him to see him look down at me with approval in his eyes, to take him in my mouth again so I could taste myself off his cock.
Eager and willing to please him in his own work place, my excitement gets the better of me as I ask him to fuck me on his desk, I stand before him eye to eye as he takes starts to undo my blouse exposing my big full cleavage my white bra bursting holding them in place.  He takes my waist and turns me to face the desk so my hands slam down to steady myself.  He pulls at my wet panties dropping them to the floor; I step out of them widening my legs for him.  He teases my pussy rubbing his fucking throbbing head all around my clit, he pushes my back down so I’m pressed against the desk with my ass in the air for him, his for the taking, he thrusts his hard cock inside me all 7 inches of his ample cock filling my hole as my wet slippery walls tense as he powerfully thrusts over me, taking all mine away from me using my uniform against me showing me is in charge.  I hear him sigh as he enters me hearing him turned on at my hand is more than enough to make me cream for him, my arms stretched out over his desk as he works my pussy into tingles.  I let out moans and screams like I have never experienced before knowing I’m being destroyed in my uniform and secondly knowing that he will be working on this desk on Monday morning sends my mind and body spiraling.
Gripping my hips he turns me so I lie back on his desk with my legs wrapped around his waist, so he can fuck me full force, he inches my skirt up to show him my full wet cunt as he glides in and out, my arms over my head as my breast bounce up and down with the thrusting of him inside me, the desks banging against each other in this passionate embrace we are locked in, his hands press on my hips to hold me in position as he grinds himself against me.
He then pulls away from me when my moans and cries become very intense, he knows he is denying me my orgasm making me wait, He stands there fully naked I start to play with my pussy for him my heels digging in his desk as I lay back knowing he is watching me wanking off at the sight of me pleasuring myself laying back on his desk that he would normally be making decisions on. I take to my knees again as I love to taste his cock once he has been inside me.  Licking his cock clean of my juices he then guides me over to his chair to fuck me on that, I straddle him as he enters me with ease and rock back and forth.  Holding his neck as my large heaving chest is smothering his face; he takes full advantage of this as he licks, sucks and nibbles at my huge breasts.  Yet again as I moan like I never have before he demands we fuck on the floor, he lays down I stand over him for just a few seconds too long so he can see my juicy wet cunt before he enters me again for me to ride him. I see my knickers on the floor and without thinking place them in his mouth he looks at me with tormenting eyes and takes them out and shoves them in my mouth instead.
Now it’s my turn to take control as I ride him fast deep and hard my hands holding his arms down just so I can experience what it’s like to be in control, he knows I’m pushing to overpower him, he takes told of my arms and places them on his chest so he can have full access to my chest.  Yet again my moans are loud and intense as I bounce on his hard giant cock.  My legs tire but I don’t want to stop.  My head lowers as I feel his pulsating cock inside me.  I slow down my pace as I enjoy the feel of him inside me.  I ask him will he wank for me and cum over my chest.  He smiles in agreement.
As I kneel before him watching him wank for me, he holds my hair with one hand and his cock in the other as I cup my breast for him to unleash his hot full load onto me.
His breaths deepen and his moans louder as he gives me what I have asked for.  His cum left glistening on my chest, I look up at him as he wanks every last drop over me.  He leans down to kiss me gently with a wink in his kinky eyes saying "my desk and your uniform have been well and truly christened...where next?"

The lovely Ms Williams started piecing together short erotic stories about three years ago, and has built up quite a collection. She’s an avid fan of horror and gore; tense, graphic suspense which induces fear and an over-active mind come bed time… Exciting!
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