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Free Erotica: Sunday School by Plumptious Pea

Free Erotica: Sunday School by Plumptious Pea - Sh! Women's Store

Welcome to Free Erotica Friday

Every Friday we give you FREE erotica from some of the very best authors in the world of erotic fiction.
With us today, we have Plumptious Pea; mother, blogger and poet.  Not only is her name a mouthful of lusciousness, but her erotic poetry with its equal measures of lustful and scorching heat, has gotten our tongues in a twist…

Sunday School

? + ? = ?


She never did much like algebra

it made her fidgety & contort

her thighs on unsanded bare wood

for a skirt far too short..


But this is Sunday School

and dutifully learn she must

letting the pencil swirl on her fingertips

between stolen glances of lust..


Her fingers are tapped with a ruler

it snaps back her slutty mind's focus

at eye level there's an excitable bulge

she blushes as she needs to refocus..


Black patent shoes pointed together

as shy as the white socks she wore

a familiar heat rises within her

since forever she's longed to be his whore..


As she leans in to concentrate

the peek of pale breasts give a show

she hears him cough accordingly

she smiles, her lips of bordeaux..


With a cool exterior he watches her

cute red hair tied up in a bunch

he daydreams of lifting her tight grey skirt

and dining on her ass for his lunch..


She looks around the familiar room

she knows this is where he works

this is where she'll bring him his cognac later

being his wife who adores all his quirks..


Un amour, deux esprits, trois trous ..

One Love:

The invisible chords of adoration

Of lovers union bound,

A hankering to serve each other,

As mutual weakness is found.


Two Minds:

Separate entities forge one path,

Fluidity of thoughts run free

And a tryst of ideas come forth,

In infinite creativity.


Three Holes:

Hot chasms freely given over,

Owned chambers gaped so wide

Dark nests to lose those minds in,

And for that love, to unhide.

I'm Plumptious Pea, I'm exactly what it says on the tin. I'm a mummy to three of whom are 18, 13 & 4. I'm an erotic blogger, poet, voice artist and amateur photographer. Each of my passions stand alone and simultaneously interlink with one another. I'm currently unpublished as a poet, but it is a dream of mine to be published one day. I'd also like to expand my love of photography to that of photographing others. I live for the process of creating, whether it's aural, photographic or with words. It makes my brain happy. And that rocks my world. Pea ~x~

Enjoy more of Plumptious Pea’s sensuous poetry here.
Follow Plumptious Pea on Twitter: @PlumptiousPea

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