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Free Erotica - Love by Text by Meg Philip

Free Erotica - Love by Text by Meg Philip - Sh! Women's Store
It’s Free Erotica Friday and what better way to kick start the weekend then with some unadulterated cliterature written by yours truly, Meg Philip.
I appreciate every opportunity to interact with my self-proclaimed #MegGroupies and any audience who takes an interest in my work.  So when I was invited by the gorgeous Renee to take part in Free Erotica Friday, I threw myself at the chance.  In fact, all of Team Sh! are so lovely and accommodating, that I’d probably do anything they ask me to do…
The piece I have selected for this week’s Free Erotica Friday  is an excerpt from my first novel, Love By Text and comes with a health warning; es muy caliente!
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Love, Meg x

Love By Text

Whilst waiting for him, Stella changed her clothes a dozen times before settling on a knee length denim skirt and a coordinating top with a plunging neckline.  She was just about to sit down with a cup of tea, when the door bell rang.

‘Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh. What are you doing here already?’ she screamed when she saw Ollie.

‘Well the transport system is very efficient and your instructions were spot on.  Are you going to leave me out here on the door step?’ he asked as he stepped forward to kiss her.
Stella threw her arms around his neck, responding to his kiss hungrily before pulling him inside her sister’s house.
‘I wasn’t expecting you for another half or so babe’
‘I could always go for a wee walk and come back’
‘Nah it’s alright you’re here now.  How was the journey?’
‘Like I said, the tube and bus were pretty quick.  It’s very straight forward’
‘Would you like a drink before we go? I’m just having a cup of tea’
‘Aye go on then, I’ll have a coffee if you don’t mind’
She went to the kitchen and motioned for Ollie to follow her.
‘Would you like something to eat as well?’
‘I thought you’d never ask’ he replied as he pulled Stella closer for another kiss.
They stood kissing whilst their hands roamed each other’s bodies.  Ollie pulled away first.
‘What about your sister?’ he asked
‘She’s at work and nobody will be back until four’
‘So we’ve got a couple of hours to have some fun?’
‘What about seeing the area?’
‘Aye, I saw all I needed to on the bus and I’d rather explore the area under your skirt’ he replied as he started to put his hand up her skirt.
Stella smiled and parted her legs for ease of access.  Ollie accepted this invitation and put his hand inside Stella’s thong.  She was already wet.
‘Goodness woman, you’re soaking already’
‘I know babe, that’s the effect you have on me’
‘So how about I eat you here and now in the kitchen?’
‘Be my guest’
Ollie dropped to his knees and lifted Stella’s skirt up around her waist; he pulled down her thong whilst stroking her clit with his free hand.  Stella groaned as he blew gently on to her already swollen clit, he licked the length of her slit before parting her lips with his tongue.  He sunk his tongue deep into her vagina; licking, probing and tasting.  Her juice was sweet, thick and sticky.  Ollie groaned as she held onto his head, forcing him into her.  Ollie grabbed a hold of Stella’s arse, squeezing her cheeks as her body started to tense up.  He pulled back slightly to come up for air before massaging her clit with his thumb.  He was fascinated by her clit; so pink, fleshy and erect just begging to be sucked.
‘Oh babe please don’t stop’ she gasped ‘I feel like I’m gonna explode.  I need to explode Ollie, come on hun finish me off’ she pleaded.
Ollie looked up at her and smiled; the longing look in her eyes made him realise just how much he liked her and wanted to be a permanent part of her life.  Obeying her wishes, he went back to work on her clit.  He sucked it gently, probing her with his tongue.  The heat coming from her was amazing.  Ollie sucked a little harder as Stella grabbed his hair, holding his head down between her legs.
‘Oh fuck babe, that’s it hun.  Right there, fucking hell Ollie I’m going to cum now. Hmmm, oooooohhhhhhhh. Yeeeaaaahhhhhh babes, oh shit, fuck, fuck hmmmmmm’
Stella’s body began to spasm, hard and fast.  She locked her legs around Ollie’s neck and had somehow managed to raise herself up on to the kitchen counter.  She thrust her hips frantically against Ollie’s head as her volcano erupted with full force.  She trembled as the last drop came out and loosened her legs from around Ollie’s neck.  He helped her down off the counter and kissed her long and hard; Stella could feel his cock pressing against her hips and on instinct reached down to stroke it.  Ollie groaned as Stella’s fingers tapped away at the tip of his cock; she dropped to her knees and released his cock from the confines of his trousers and boxer shorts.  Stella stroked Ollie’s firm legs, kissing his thighs working her way upwards towards his cock.  He groaned as her tongue flicked expertly back and forth, lapping up his pre-cum as it oozed from his cock.  She held onto his arse and encouraged him to fuck her mouth while she wanked his shaft with her free hand.
‘Stop babe, you’re going to make me cum and I want to fuck your pussy now’.
Stella obeyed and stood up to kiss Ollie; their tongues met, exploring their mouths furiously.  They both opened their eyes simultaneously as they were kissing and the sparks between them both was brighter than the Blackpool illuminations at Christmas.  Ollie pulled away and spun Stella around; she bent over, encouraging him to enter her.  He guided his cock slowly into Stella’s hot, wet and receptive pussy.  They both gasped as he entered.  He pumped away while Stella matched his rhythm, pushing back each time to feel his body touching hers.  He slapped her arse, squeezed her breasts and leant down to bite her back and neck; Stella moaned each time his lips were on her skin.  She reached up underneath her and cupped his balls; their bodies began to spasm together.  Stella’s nipples tingled and her clit twitched.  She looked down at Ollie’s feet and could see his toes curl though his trainers; she turned to look at him and smiled, seeing that his eyes were shut tight.
They both exploded together, but quietly; the only sound to be heard was heavy breathing followed by a deep sigh.  They stood there silently for about five minutes before being interrupted by the phone.  Both of their phones rang at the same time; they parted, looked at each other and smiled, but decided not to answer.
Stella led Ollie upstairs to the bathroom to clean up.  They quickly showered together; realising time was no longer on their side.

About Meg…
Meg Philip is a lady truly gifted with the sixth sense for love, passion, fun, frolic and everything that’s purely naughty but nice.
Author of three books namely: Erotic Encounter, Love By Text & Just Being Friendly. Meg began writing from a daydream during a long lecture. She leaned her head, smiled, made a note, rushed home and Love By Text came to life!
Since then Meg has been on a unique journey and draws her inspiration from daily sights, her travels, those naughty but nice conversations she over hears and, those meet & greets.
So, if Meg ever leans her head & smiles around you, you may have just inspired her next piece. Be warned, she’s ever so nice but so very naughty…
Meg Philip's erotic books & blog can be found here.

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