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Free Erotica - A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne

Free Erotica - A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne - Sh! Women's Store
Hi there – I’m Tabitha Rayne and I’m thrilled to be taking part in Free Erotica  Friday – I’ve decided to give you one of my favourite scenes from my dystopian erotic romance A Clockwork Butterfly – warning – there’s girl on girl spanking – hope you enjoy and thanks for letting me loose on your blog Sh! Ladies x x
A Clockwork Butterfly
There, she spotted it. An old willow had sent out new shoots from its trunk and Lena chose a long pliable one, snipping it with secateurs she’d borrowed from the greenhouse. She examined her prize. Perfect. Picking at the end until she’d caught the new bark with her nails, she began to pull it away from the white inner flesh in long satisfying strips. When she’d finished, a moist, gleaming rod lay in her hands and she was thrilled with her handiwork. She tried it out and whipped it through the air. It sliced the breeze with the ferocity she’d hoped for and she was about to test it on her thigh when a voice startled her.
“What are you doing?” It was Mae. Lena spun around in surprise to see her standing with her legs spread apart beneath her tight skirt and a rope stretched taught between her hands. She must have been there a while as her flesh was white where the binding had constricted the blood flow.
Lena didn’t know if she was angry, pleased, or indifferent to this intrusion. Her body, however, did know—her breasts swelled, her nipples peaked and her pussy was hot and pulsing. She’d been getting aroused by caressing her cane, but the sight of Mae had tipped her into full on horny mode. She couldn’t think of anything to say so just kept silent. Mae kept silent too but the look on her face made Lena very clear of her intentions. Snapping the rope, she motioned for Lena to turn around. Lena did. She was standing in front of a huge oak and Mae pushed her up against it. Taking the cane from Lena, Mae grabbed both arms and forced them around the tree. Lena decided to surrender and held the trunk while Mae rubbed up and down behind her, sounding as if she was purring. She kicked Lena’s legs apart and forced her into the bark. Lena’s mound hit against the rough wood and Mae used the flat of her hand to push her buttocks firmly, making Lena grind her pussy into it. Then Mae left to tie her wrists on the other side of the tree. It was cold where Mae’s body had pressed against her.
Lena winced as the tightening of the ropes pulled her face into the jagged surface. Her heart thumped against the tree and she was sure it was echoing back—unless the tree had a racing heart of its own.
Mae came back around and gently but firmly smoothed Lena’s skirt over her ass. The uniform was tight and Lena could feel the hem crudely press into her thigh. Mae hugged in to her again, reaching in to the buttons on her blouse this time and yanking them apart and pulling the shirt out of her waistband. When the blouse was fully open, Mae reached up to Lena’s breasts and tugged her bra down over her nipples to expose them to the grazing bark. It was cold and unexpected and Lena yelped, trying to arch her body away from her tree.
“Shh,” hissed Mae and pushed her fully against it. Without any warning, Mae grabbed the bottom of Lena’s skirt and pulled it abruptly up and over her buttocks.
Lena was shivering all over now, in complete excitement. She was cold but the heat being generated in her pussy was unbelievable. The breeze from her skirt being lifted ruffled her panties and chilling them briefly, showing Lena just how wet she’d become. Mae could obviously see it too and slid a hand between her legs. Silently, she flicked Lena’s underwear to one side and slid her finger along the slippery fragrant skin, finding her entrance and dipping her finger in. Just once. She nuzzled at Lena’s neck and it felt as though she were about to say something then she pulled away.
Lena’s knickers were roughly yanked down, scraping her thighs and knees on the way past. The heat from Mae’s body disappeared as she moved away slightly. Lena tried to look around to see what was coming but Mae had chosen to stand on the side where she couldn’t be seen. Lena was dripping with excitement, fear and anticipation. This is what she had wanted after all. She had a pang of guilt when she saw the butterfly move down her arm toward her elbow which was also just out of sight. This was supposed to be with Angelo, but once again, her body had betrayed her, her selfish craving had taken her over. She banished the thoughts as time stopped with the sound of the air being sliced. Her sensed pricked and she held her breath.
Thwack. She squealed and wriggled as the sting took hold. Her buttocks felt as if they’d been cut open. Just as she was about to inhale, thwack. Another blow rocked her. She lost strength and began to sag against the tree, letting her arms take her weight. Again, Thwack. Her ass was on fire, and she clenched her eyes tightly shut to keep the tears in. Thwack. Somewhere inside, she transcended the stinging and was overcome with fluidity. Her entire body felt like it had turned to liquid desire, here tied to this tree, being beaten by a cane she’d made herself. Thwack. She let herself melt and rejoiced in the flow of her juices down her thighs. Her clit was surging and sensations welled into the pit of her stomach and out over every erogenous tip of her skin. It was incredible. She wanted to share it. She wanted someone to lean into her and sink through her flesh and fuck her soul with theirs. Mae seemed to hear and flung herself against Lena’s back, humping and biting at her neck and shoulders. Lena’s world was just a galaxy of spinning stars and shapes taking over her body. Mae reached through Lena’s legs and began to fuck her roughly with her fingers. Lena spread her legs and hung while the other woman rammed her hard, slamming against her and grinding her mound into her ass in time. Lena was suddenly centered in on her pussy, she became her pussy, opening up and engulfing Mae’s every thrust, taking it and building a deeper arousal with every one. The stars of her internal galaxy began to burst and surround her with their glittering lights as her climax welled and raged. With a last deep and powerful shove from Mae, Lena came. The stars diminished into gentle spurs of light and drifted off while Mae shuddered behind her. They collapsed into the thick oak, panting and cooling in the September sun.
Mae pulled Lena’s skirt back down and slowly untied her, rubbing her wrists and hands to get the circulation back. As she did, she nuzzled into her elbow where the butterfly still lay.
Lena held her breath as Mae licked and tongued her sensitive flesh with her eyes closed. Just as she moved past the little creature, the tip of her tongue slipped out and caught the tiny proboscis. Lena froze. Mae’s kisses finally subsided and she opened her eyes smiling.
“Oh, that’s cute,” she said, touching the wing of the butterfly barely registering its intricacy. She righted her clothing and handed the willow cane back to Lena. “See you later,” she said and walked briskly off toward the Manor.

Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely and kinky – not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance and as long as there’s a love scene – she’ll explore any genre.
Her short stories are included in anthologies from Xcite, Oysters & Chocolate, Clies, Ravenous Romance, Mischief, and House of Erotica. She has two stand alone titles from Beachwalk Press. Her new novel A Clockwork Butterfly is, of course, available in our Hoxton store.

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