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Guest Post: Ebony & Ivory

Guest Post: Ebony & Ivory - Sh! Women's Store

Who is 'Ebony & Ivory'? 

We're are a couple that work together as erotic massage therapists specialising in 4-handed massage for women, couple massage sessions and teaching people how to give a sensual massage. 

Jessica - (Ivory) is a highly qualified and experienced erotic bodyworker and somatic sexual educator. She has vast experience with people of all genders and orientations, her passion is to guide people to experience their full pleasure potential.

D (Ebony) is of African/American descent and hugely experienced in ancient East African sex practices including the art of female ejaculation (aKachabali)

What type of people book?

People who aren't in a relationship and who want to receive sensual touch, relax and learn about their own pleasure, particularly people who are in-between relationships or are tired of the 'dating games' and still want intimate touch.

Also couples who want to learn about giving each other pleasure in a discrete, non-judgmental, sensual and fun environment.

Many of our clients lead busy, stressful lives - unfortunately, this is quite a regular occurrence these days. High stress levels, not enough sleep or being constantly distracted can lead to many people experiencing low libido and not putting self-care as a priority - this includes looking after your sexual self and making time for pleasure.

Why do people book?

Many women book a 4-hand sensual massage with us as they feel safe; we are a genuine couple, experienced and qualified.

For women who don't have a partner, they come to relax and receive deeply sensual touch which connects them to their bodies especially during times when they may not be sexually active or have many opportunities for loving touch. 

We work with a lot of women who struggle to orgasm or are keen to learn to ejaculate after they learn about the benefits, and are curious to explore their bodies more without the dynamics of a partner relationship and its expectations. Many women first come to see us individually for a few sessions then bring their partners to either have a massage at the same time or have a tuition session where we teach them how to give each other a sensual massage. 

Where can people find you? How can I book?

Book through the Ebony & Ivory website.

We do in calls in a private studio apartment in East London, Londonfields or out calls as arranged. We also take bookings for private parties or festivals where people want to offer their guests sensual massage sessions.

Pleasure Island Parties are our regular sensual events that we host every couple of months in London and around the world, visit for more info. 

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