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How to Use a Wand Massager Vibrator

How to Use a Wand Massager Vibrator

Wand massagers are popular for all-over body relaxation and stimulation. They offer everything from deep-tissue sports massages to thunderous clitoral pleasure. Wand vibrators are great for relieving tension, building tension, and causing great explosions of tension too! 

Wands are especially popular with sexuality educators, who regularly recommend them for women & vulva-owners who find it difficult to become aroused or experience orgasms.

Saying that; wands can be enjoyed by all genders and sexualities!

Wand Massagers for Relieving Tension

Massage has long been used to relax sore muscles, relieve tension and accompany physical rehabilitation. Massage is soothing both physically and mentally and a great way to shake off daily stresses and minor aches and pains. 

  • Sore neck? Check!
  • Period pain? Check!
  • Tired feet? Check!

Versatile and multi-purpose, a wand massager will take you from ‘too tired’ to ‘aroused’ in the shortest amount of time, getting you ready for even more

Wand Vibrators for Erotic Massage

Erotic massage takes stress-relieving elements of traditional massage and applies them in sensual ways. Smooth strokes and relaxing vibrations from a wand can be a sexy way to arouse your partner and gently ease them into whatever you have planned next…

Wand Vibrators are Great Sex Toys

Wand massagers offer powerful vibrations and deliver deep, vibrating throbs. Their shape is designed for external stimulation, not penetration – though you can buy wand attachments for this if it tickles your pickle.

The large ball head can be laid against your vulva – the strong vibrations will resonate throughout the whole area.

Wand Massagers for Kinky Sex 

Wand vibrators are very popular with those who play on the harder end of the scale. They're often used for scenes in kink-play for edging or forced orgasms.

This may not be your cup of tea (which is perfectly fine), but if it sounds interesting... We recommend giving it a go! *wink*

Tips and Tricks for Wand Massagers

  • Lay your vibrating massager on a flat surface and sit or lay on top so you can grind against the buzzing head – this offers stimulation from a different angle!
  • Are the vibrations too strong? Place some fabric or a small pillow between yourself and the wand massager, thus diffusing the vibrations across a larger area!
  • Place your palm over the vibrating wand, then curve your thumb around the head of the wand and use your splayed-out fingers as several small vibrators for sensual stroking…
  • Small wand vibrator can be a fabulously thrilling addition to scissoring (where legs are entwined and genitals touch) Lay the ball of the wand between you and enjoy the added vibration on both your sensitive bits!


Read more about the magic of wand massager vibrators here.  

Take a closer look at all our most popular wand vibrators here!

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If you'd like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at We'll answer you privately, but we may also share your question and our response on our blog so others can benefit. We promise it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in it to identify you.

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I love wand vibrators and have had at leat one, usually more, in my play kit for what 20 over years now. Yes I have dildoes, some smaller and more focussed toys (currently a Satisfyer Pro2 and a zumio) but the wands are my mainstay. No nonesense, no messing around, no finesse? but they are what I reach for most of the time when alone and after an orgasm or 3 (most mornings, when I get home from work and if my B/F isn’t here before sleeping too). They are quick and feel lovely all the way through the ride. My current ones are a Doxy3 and an old but wonderful Lelo Smart Wand Large bought in store from SH! years ago.

So my tips for newbies to wands are:
1. If you have a mains powered Doxy or similar that could break bones on full try wearing some heavy jeans and using it on the outside, especially on the zip flap. The vibrations travel along the seam and tingle your vulva and clitoris like nothing you can imagine. This tip has the benefit of being stealth masturbation. Hear a door opening just move the wand to your shoulder and no issues as you are clearly fully dressed!
2. USE LUBE! Ok the toy can be held still so you may wonder why use lube as there is no friction? Wrong. A powerful wand has the action of a sander and on a dry puss can definately irritate sensitive tissues. Lube prevents this and also allows lovely head gliding up and down the vulva and reduces the risk of you stopping too much on your clit and numbing her out.
3. Indirect stimulation can be best. Rather then plonking the head right on your clitoris try using it so the vibration is into the labia majora, mons and perineum. The vibration will spread and travel and feel great but the intensity on your clit and the bit I find really sensitive just above my urethra wont be blitzed. I oftens start like this then turn the vibration DOWN and go directly onto my clit to get to orgasm.
4. Be sure one of your wands it waterproof and bath safe. The feeling of my Lelo in a deep warm bath is so wonderful thinking about it now makes me want to…
5. If you have a really strong wand (Doxi etc) try pressing it hard down into your lower belly just above the pubic bone. It seems to hit the inside of my clitoris or G Spot or something as it feels really nice especially if I am stimulating my clitoris as well or if I have just orgasmed and it afterglow time.
6. A good want will bring your man off wonderfully if you want an ejaculation show or are just not in the meed for intercourse. Hold his erection by the base so its firmy upright and put the head of the wand firmly on the V that is on the underside of his helmet. He wont last long of you hold this position with a powerful wand on a high setting. The nice thing is that as there is no real squeezing pressure on his penis when he comes there is nothing to hinder how he shoots. My B/F hits the headboard and the wall above it often and its so sexy to see. Also his appreciation for this treatment is huge and gets me what I want in or out of bed!

vicky thomas

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