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Aspartame-Free Pleasure Gels & Orgasm Boosters

Our collection of Aspartame-Free Pleasure Gels & Orgasm Boosters chosen by women. Our pleasure gels are formulated to enhance clitoral orgasm, G-spot orgasm & anal pleasure effectively, using proven and mostly natural ingredients, with no dodgy ones which can make you run for the shower, rather than to bed!  Read our orgasm boosters guide to get the gen on pleasure gels...

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  • Intimate Organics Flavoured Lube Intimate Earth Melt Warming GlideIntimate Organics Flavoured Lube Intimate Earth Melt Warming Glide
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    Intimate Earth Melt Warming Glide

Pleasure Gels & Orgasm Booster FAQ's

No. Lube delivers lots of moisture, whilst pleasure gels bring heightened arousal and sensitivity to the party. Together, they offer a double-whammy of pleasure!

Add a drop or two to the area it is intended for:
Clit- stimulating creams & gels go on the external part of your clit.
G-Spot stimulating creams & gels go inside, approximately where your G-Spot is.
Massage the gel into the tissue and feel the blood rushing to the area, making it swell and increasing sensitivity.

Pleasure gels can feel warming, cooling, tingling, or buzzing. They work their magic by increasing blood flow to the area, increasing arousal, wetness and chances of a throbbing orgasm :)

Yes. It is always best to do a patch test on your arm before adding gel or drops to your soft bits. Even if you pass the patch-test. always start with a little at a time. You can always add more if you want a stronger sensation, but it is tricky to get the effects off, if you add too much...

Any pleasure gel, orgasm cream or lube containing L'Arginine should be avoided if you have cold sores of genital herpes, as this ingredient can trigger an outbreak. Check ingredients listed in 'Tech Spec' tab, on product page

Pleasure Gels to enhace sex & orgasm; Tickle her pink clitoral get & intimate organics intense & gentle

Pleasure Gels to Enhance Sex & Orgasm

All our pleasure gels, whether designed to swell your G-Spot, make your clitoris more sensitive or enhance anal sex and pleasure, will gently stimulate you safely… but don’t expect miracles – no  pleasure gel will make your body hot if your mind is cold!

Simply slapping on a pleasure gel and clock-watching for the recommended activation time will not magically turn you into a hot-to-trot siren bursting with orgasms!

Fantasize, read some hot erotica, engage in some fabulous build-up, whist the gel gets to work and you’ll feel the effects far more intensely…

Read our advice on pleasure gels...