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Glow In The Dark Easy to Use Oral Pleasures

Our collection of Glow In The Dark Easy to Use Oral Pleasures chosen by women. Our delicious selection of oral sex enhancers to add extra 'yum!' when eating out or serving head;) With taste one of our key senses, and lips and mouths packed with super-sensitive nerve-endings, explore our lip-smacking treats, tuck into our oral sex & pleasure guides and enjoy!

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learn more about Oral play...

Oral sex FAQ's

Oral sex is mouth to genital stimulation and is one of the most orgasm-reliable sex acts, whatever your gender. Oral sex (aka as cunnilingus/ 'going down' when performed on a vulva and fellatio/ 'blow job' when performed on a penis) involves using lips and tongue ( and possibly whole face!) to deliver licking, sucking, rubbing and kissing pleasure to your partner's clitoris and vulva or penis and balls.

Oral sex won't get anyone pregnant, but it's a transmission route for sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhoea, genital herpes syphilis and HPV.

Using a condom is the safest way for oral play: Use regular way on a penis and cut the condom open to make a flat barrier on a vulva.

No. Cold sores are a form of Herpes and can be transmitted to the genitals (causing genital herpes) through oral sex. Avoid giving oral sex if you have a cold sore and don't let anyone go down on you if they have a cold sore.

Herpes transmission from genitals to mouth is actually uncommon, - it's a myth that people with gential herpes can't recieve oral sex. Using condoms as a barrier is always the safest option to enjoy oral sex!

Giving great blow jobs doesn’t require too much prep: A little know-how on anatomy and genuine enthusiasm goes a long way! Read more about How to Give Great Blow Jobs

Our Top 3 Tips:
- Using a Blindfold enhances sensations. Your partner will feel every lick, suck and kiss much more intensely.
- Flavoured Lube makes a treat taste even better! Choose a flavour that makes your saliva glands water, and drizzle a generous amount over the tip and shaft.
- Many penis-owners complain that their partners forget their testicles. Gentle kissing or light tugging usually goes down well.

Make sure you are both in a comfortable position. Place a small pillow under their hips for better access. Limber up your lips and tongue :)

It can take vulva-owning folks 20-45 minutes (or longer) to orgasm, so you will be busy for a while. You might not have the stamina to keep licking for up to an hour, and that’s ok. Take a break. Drink some water. Tease in other ways, then go back to licking and kissing.

Here are some good moves: Long, soft licks up and down | Clockwise circles around vulva and clit | Counter-clockwise circles | Licking side to side | Pulsating in one spot | Moaning and breathing against the vulva for vibrating sensations | Experimenting with rhythms, pressure and motions | If your partner enjoys it, try gentle suction on the clit (this isn’t for everyone) | Don’t go harder or faster unless they beg you to | Pay close attention to their body language and offer lots of their favourite moves

Flavoured Lube, with cherries - Sh! Women's Store

Oral Sex Tips


Oral might be the most orgasm reliable sex play for every gender, but orgasms still need arousal to build them. Start at the top of body and work your way slowly down. Or start at the feet and work your way up...


Run through the alphabet, writing out each letter with your tongue on and around the clit or the glans (head of the penis) Listen out for which letters clearly feel particularly great and store up info for next time...


Stiff necks aren't sexy (place a pillow to tilt hips & give easier access). Better still explore positions which work best for your different body-types and comfort-levels. Try:

- 69 POSITION: Use pillows to support your heads to make it super comfortable
or each lie on your side, with upper legs crooked-up. 69 also has the added benefit of being a visual treat for both of you.

- FURNITURE: Receiver sits on the edge of the bed, chair or even kitchen counter, hips tilted forward and the giver kneels before them.

- FACE-SIT: Receiver squats or hovers over giver, who is lying down. Allows receiver to be more interactive and directional.

Read more advice about oral sex & toys