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Sex Tips on Men

Sex Tips on Men
Want to spice things up and play fun, arousing and downright teasing games with your man? 
Here are a few sex tips & tricks for you to try:

Silky Knickers Sex Tip

Slip into a pair of classy, sexy silk knickers or a pair of stockings ( or , actually any silky lingerie or hosery will work... and present yourself to your man. Let him undress you.
[caption id="attachment_25462" align="alignleft" width="200"]Satin Knickers £12 Satin Knickers £12[/caption]
When the time feels right, wrap your sensual-feel smalls around his erection, and give him a silky handjob - he'll love the sensations of the soft silk sliding all over him. This is a great treat, both visual and sensual at the same time. Allow him to climax on the silky knickers and make a big deal of wiping him clean with them afterwards.
Next time he sees you wearing them (after washing them, of course) he's mind will be on your knicker-fun-tastic time, and he'll be hot & bothered in no time...

Porn Sex Tip

Suggest to your man you might like to spend a night in watching porn 'to see what it's like'. However, the problem is; you might not like most of what's out there, as it could be 'very sleazy'.
Ask him to download some porn for the two of you to watch together and specify what you'd like. For example: cute girls-next-door getting it on, or hot couples getting sweaty in a sauna. The more specific you are, the harder it'll be for him to find something you might like.
Essentially, you're giving him permission to look at as much porn as he likes, and he'll be beside himself by the time your porn-evening comes round. A hot time is guaranteed as he'll want to please you in more ways than one!

Sexting Tip

Spending time apart? Sexy text messages work well as we all know, but to give him something that will really push him over the edge...
Send him one picture frame at the time; lubing up a favourite toy, then stroking it, then stroking yourself... you get the picture!
Your phone should have a voice recorder, so you could even record yourself (your voice only, no frames) as you are coming (your orgasm must be a noisy one to ensure he get's the full effect) and then send the recording to him... He will be very grateful for a very long time - especially as it can be kept on his phone to be played over and over again! (If you want to work him up into a frustrated froth, why not send it to him at work?)

Frenulum Tip

[caption id="attachment_25460" align="alignleft" width="200"]Crystal G-Spot Vibrator £21 Crystal G-Spot Vibrator £21[/caption]
The precise curve and narrow tip of many mini G-Spot vibrators, especially hard plastic ones such as the Crystal G-Spot vibe are brilliant for delivering direct stimulation to a man’s frenulum (the bit where his helmet meets the shaft of his penis) – it’s a highly sensitive spot. Try It!

Cock Ring Tip

With most women needing direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse, a cock ring can really help everyone get off during penetrative sex.
But why stop at just one? Place a few simple rings (the kind without cit stimulators) down his equipment and you'll have a veritable ladder to climb before reaching the summit - the  vibrating cock ring at the base of his penis.  Now, that's the shizzle of a sizzling sausage!

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