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Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls Review

Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls Review - Sh! Women's Store

Since falling for the gorgeous MiMi vibrator several years ago, I've been a massive fan of Je Joue's beautiful and sexy pleasure products. Ami vaginal balls are another triumph for this innovative British sex toy company.  

Je Joue Ami is a set of 3 stylish and practical pelvic floor weights - my new favourites! 

Inside the box

Like all Je Joue products, Ami kegel exercisers come in a gorgeous box. Once you open the box, you'll find three silicone vaginal exercise balls of different weights and sizes. 

Along with the Ami balls, the box also contains a small booklet with advice on doing pelvic floor exercises and getting the most out of the balls.

Je Joue Ami 1, 2 and 3

Ami 1 is a single lighter-weight ball suitable for newbies. The ball contains a moving weight, which helps tone your pelvic floor as well as build arousal. Bonus!

Ami 2 is a weightier duo ball, a two-in-one. This ball contains double weights, which feel sexy when worn internally during a walk or a kitchen cha-cha.

Ami 3 is a smaller and heavier version of Ami 2. This babe offers an intense vaginal workout, and you'll probably need to build pelvic floor strength before attempting it.

Je Joue Ami kegel set in hot pink silicone


How to use Ami vaginal balls 

Ami will help you build strength and gain greater control of your pelvic floor. 

Coat Ami 1 with a water-based lube before slipping it into the vagina. The retrieval cord stays on the outside, like a tampon. From here, you have three options:

1. Use Ami for pelvic floor exercises only. Squeeze and release around the ball without holding your breath (it's trickier than it sounds!). Start with 3 x 10 repetitions.

2. Another fun way of improving your pelvic floor is to pop Ami 1 into the vagina and then go about your day. Do your housework, go shopping or meet friends for lunch - there is no need to deliberately squeeze and release this way. Your pelvic floor will work itself, albeit at a slower pace, but still... Easy workout!

3. Use Ami for pleasure! Ami balls can be used as sex toys. Slip into the vagina, and masturbate or enjoy a spot of cunnilingus while doing your kegels around the balls... This version boosts arousal and helps intensify your orgasm. Dreamy!

Once Ami 1 begins to feel 'too easy' (this may be days or weeks, depending on how often you use the balls), it's time to move up to Ami 2.

Repeat the process until you feel ready for Ami 3. 

Cleaning your kegel balls 

Je Joue Ami are super-easy to keep clean. Silicone is hypo-allergenic and non-porous so lube and bodily juices stay on the surface wand washes off easily. 

Wash Ami weights with antibacterial handwash and hot water, before leaving them to air dry. 

That's it. Job done! 

Not for ass play 

Ami kegel balls are not safe for anal play. Don't pop them into your butt, however tempting it seems. It's not safe and they may get lost. 


Je Joue Ami balls are a pleasure to use, and they do a great job keeping my pelvic floor in shape. To be honest, I use them just as much for plesasure, as I do for PC exercises :p

Here's what another customer had to say about the Ami balls: 

"I must confess I haven't used these a great deal for actual exercise but they are great fun! They certainly put a smile on my face when I wore them out of the house (if you wiggle your bum a bit you can feel them jiggle about!) and if you're into anal I can highly recommend wearing one vaginally whilst you or your partner gives your ass some attention!"

Buy Je Joue Ami vaginal weights here!

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