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Thrills & Chills Erotica Winner

Thrills & Chills Erotica Winner - Sh! Women's Store

We're delighted to announce the winner of our Halloween Erotic Writing Competition.

We had a range of entries from the thrilling to the chilling, the erotic to the eerie, and we're so grateful for all your entries but there can only be one winner (and two runners up).
The winning story of our Thrills and Chills Halloween Erotic Story Completion is a kinky take on Little Red Riding Hood, the fairy tale by Brothers Grimm.

Red Plays with Wolves had us gripped from beginning to end and imaginations have been running wild. Congratulations Mia Midnight - you had us all chilled to the bone!

Runners Up
And also congratulations to Scandarella and Angela Garrigan - our first and second runners up. Monster Sex by Scandarella is truly creepy (no soaking in the bath tub this weekend, that's for sure!) and High Five by Angela Garrigan is mighty clever, but sh... You'll have to wait and read it for yourself. Both stories will be shared in the next few days, so keep yer eyes peeled!
And now it's your chance to enjoy some fabulous free erotica. Here's the winning entry in full and listen out for it at one of our erotic readings!

Red Plays With Wolves

By Mia Midnight
Red was pretty sure she was lost. She couldn’t be that lost, she’d been through this wood about a million times, but she’d been daydreaming and, now, with the snow covering everything she wasn’t exactly sure where she was.
She huffed slightly to herself and her breath billowed in front of her like a dragons. This was not a good time to be lost, the daylight wouldn’t last long and it was bitterly cold.
She looked around carefully, searching for some familiar sign. The truth was, it was a wood, it looked like part of the wood, she could be pretty much anywhere.
When she noticed the footprints she felt as much fear as relief. Someone was out here, but that just meant someone was out here, no one from the village came here. They were afraid of the wolves. Still, the tracks might lead her back to the path, there was nowhere else they could lead. Not really.
What trail there had been quickly petered out into a tangle of thorny undergrowth. She could still see the footprints here and there, scuffed where the owner had fought his way along the same route she was now taking.
She continued because she wasn’t sure what else to do.
Then the tracks stopped.
She walked around in a careful circle to check she hasn’t missed them, panic rising. Nope nothing, just a few, and here she swallowed, wolf tracks.
Her hands were shaking and for the first time she began to contemplate just how bad this could be for her.
She was so relieved she could have cried.

‘What are you doing here?’ Lucas sounded hostile, his grey eyes were stormy and she was very aware of how tall he was, looming over her like an angry angel.

‘I could ask you the same thing’ She snapped back, ashamed of herself for feeling afraid, annoyed that she needed his help, wanting nothing more than to bury her face in his stupid fur jacket and have him tell her than she was safe now and that everything would be alright.
‘It’s not safe here, I’ve told you a thousand times it’s not safe.’
‘Then why are you here?’
He sighed and grimaced.
‘It’s already getting dark.’
‘We should get back then,’ she turned to go but he grabbed her arm, gripping it painfully tight.
‘It’s too late.’ He practically growled at her and Red narrowed her eyes in irritation.
‘It can’t be that far, it might be a little dark before we get home but I’m not afraid of the moonlight.’
‘I am.’

‘Red I’m a werewolf.’

She almost laughed but something about his expression stopped her.
‘You can’t be a werewolf.’ was what she said, but she was thinking of the wolf tracks, his absences, sheep that had gone missing, a dead deer that had been found mutilated outside his hut
‘I could argue this with you but I thought our time would be better spent making sure you don’t die.’
He still had hold of her arm and she could feel his urgency through her skin.
‘I don’t have time to get away before anything happens?’
Lucas shook his head, ‘No, and your scent would be everywhere if you left now’ he hesitated ‘I think you have to tie me up.’
Red felt uneasy and embarrassed but she couldn't quite say why. ‘Do you…um have rope?’ she tried to keep her voice cool, yeah everyday thing, tie up a werewolf.
‘There’s some back at my camp.’ Already turning away, heading towards a truly enormous oak tree.

Red followed reluctantly. Either he was a werewolf or he was insane, either way she didn’t feel great about following him into confined spaces.

His camp, as it turned out, was actually in the tree, the roots forming a sort of wooden cave. There was a small fire on a carefully swept patch of earth, it was just smouldering but Red still thought it seemed a little risky given that they were surrounded by wood, but then what did she know she’d just agreed to tie up a madman/werewolf.
Lucas had to stoop badly, he seemed to take up all the room in this small space. Red’s heartbeat spiked again when he started pulling off his shirt.
‘Are you…’ she choked on whatever she had been about to say as he half turned showing a surprisingly well muscled expanse of bare chest.
‘I can’t afford to lose any more clothes.’ Red’s mouth was still hanging open and it must have looked as though she hadn’t understood him. ‘They tend to rip when I change.’ He half smiled as if he wasn’t quite sure whether or not that was funny.

Red made a muffled sound that could have meant absolutely anything and tried not to stare as he continued to undress. It was very hard to find something to look at that wasn’t naked man. Had Lucas always been this ripped? Was that a werewolf thing, she studied his broad shoulders is what she hoped was the spirit of mild curiosity.

‘Oh yeah, another wolf got me.’
Red was momentarily bewildered before realising he was referring to the white, crescent shaped scar on his shoulder. He was also now holding out a rope.
‘I figure if you tie me to some of the tree roots I should umm...not kill you.’ He smiled slightly and she noticed his teeth were very pointed.
‘Use lots of rope.’
Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as she contemplated where to start. It wasn’t that she’d never imagined being with a naked Lucas before but this was not exactly what she’d had in mind. She started with his wrists, concentrating on the knots and trying not to touch him too much. His skin was very warm and he flinched slightly when she touched him with her apparently frigid hands.
She had to straddle him to get the rope around his chest. She was very aware of his hot breath on her neck, she ran a hand lightly over his shoulders and made a vague attempt to pretend she was checking her knots.
He looked concerned, ‘Are you afraid?’ her murmured as she realised he hands were shaking slightly and she was basically panting like a dog from a combination of arousal and anxiety.
She couldn’t immediately think of a good way to explain this so she settled for a whispered ‘no’ as she continued with the rope.
Once she was done she sat where she was, hands gently resting on Lucas’s chest. He flexed against the bindings, ‘I think they’ll hold.’ she could tell he wasn’t sure, ‘Maybe one more, around my stomach or my thighs I guess.’
Yeah, this was the issue. She glanced down, at least this was having an effect on Lucas as well. She’d been trying very hard to not notice that he was…
She bit her lip and decided that boldness might be the way to go.
‘I guess I could just pin you down.’ she couldn’t quite believe that those words had come out of her mouth.

Lucas looked surprised but not necessarily in a bad way. She leant over and kissed him and he stretched his neck up towards her, it wasn’t like he could move much else. His tongue probed at her mouth and she felt breathless, surprised by the strength of her own desire. She buried her face in his neck, her teeth scraping jarringly against his skin in her eagerness. Red hesitated before, pulling off her cloak and then her dress. It wasn’t that cold but the chill still stung her naked skin.

This is a really bad idea. Said a tiny voice in her head that was consumed by the red fog clouding her mind. She pushed her body against Lucas and he buried his head in her chest, kissing and sucking at her hardened nipples as she ground her clit against him. He ventured a small bite and she almost screamed from surprise, pain and longing. Her legs wrapped round him as his cock teased her entrance. Her whole body was shaking, her skin felt like it was on fire, she wasn’t sure if she was ready but she couldn’t hold back any longer. She sank on to him not quite able to only back a gasp, as he stretched and filled her, it was answered with a howl.
rising-moonThey looked at each other in dawning horror.

The moon had risen.


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