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Kay Jaybee - Guest Blogger

Kay Jaybee - Guest Blogger - Sh! Women's Store
Guest Blog by Kay Jaybee
I am so looking forward to the weekend of 6th-7th July!
Not only do I get to travel to London to launch the paperback edition of my BDSM novel The Perfect Submissive (7th July), but I am also part of the team of erotica writer’s reading from the super hot anthology Best Women’s Erotica 2012 (6th July).
I’ve been privileged enough to be asked to read my stories at Sh! on a number of occasions over the past few years, and I just love it!
Last year I teased the audience with short shots from The Perfect Submissive when it came out as an e-book- but now you get the chance to purchase the book itself, and hold its pages in your hot little hands!
Catering for the bondage, submissive, and corrective corner of the market, The Perfect Submissive can’t be pigeon holed into just the straight, lesbian or the bi genre, as it covers all of those lovely possibilities in one go!!
Very much tilted towards those who enjoy the darker side of BSDM fiction, the plot centres on a young woman called Jess Sanders; a newly employed bookings clerk at the Fables Hotel. Outwardly Fables is like any other hotel, but hidden away on the fifth floor lies a very adult entertainment facility.
The moment the manageress, Mrs Laura Peters, lays eyes on Jess; she sees her potential as an extra sexily meek attraction for her regular clients. All it will take is a little erotic education.
Gliding around her domain, Laura Peters keeps an intimidating eye on both staff and customers alike, as they experience the tortures and delights hidden behind four of the floors’ five doors. To discover what lies behind the locked fifth door, Jess will have to come to terms with the unexpected training schedule she finds herself embarking upon, and the increasingly arousing chill she feels each time she survives a new punishment.
This novel, like so many of my stories, takes a tip toe (well, a giant leap)into the world of S&M, complete with whips, chains, blindfolds and the requirement that every character should develop a great deal of endurance related patience before they even get close to being allowed a climax.
It will no therefore, be a great surprise to you to know that the story I will be reading from Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2012, is also of the kinky persuasion. While ‘Bad’ is not heavy BDSM, it certainly sends a woman with a deliciously secret sex life into an S&M adventure...
Why not come along and join my peers and I at both events at Sh! Hoxton – it would to see you there, to hear a naughty word or two, sip some champers, and nibble some cake...
To book your space on either of these fabulous July events ~ please email us on or call on 020 7613 5458

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