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Free Erotica - Exhibitionist by Michelle Phillips

Free Erotica - Exhibitionist by Michelle Phillips - Sh! Women's Store
We are almost halfway through April and we can finally feel the air warming up. We’ve taken to leisurely strolling through Hoxton after work, checking our phones for the latest Tweets and status updates on Facebook. We have met many wonderful people on social media and one longstanding, overseas friend is the lovely Michelle Phillips.

Today she joins us for Free Erotica Friday with this delicious excerpt from Exhibitionist

ExhibionistI started to quiver as I realized I was now under this man’s total and complete control.  My legs felt like jello and a shiver ran over my body from his sharp, intense gaze.  A teasing smile played along his lips and he licked them slowly, as his eyes traveled from my neck then over my bosom then to my stomach then to my place of all things holy and divine.
I was still wearing my black heels from my work day and they gave me height inside the room.  My ass was barely covered by my black sheer lace trimmed panties.  I considered the layout of the room, with its industrial floor and exposed pipe ceiling, its dimness, coldness and sterility, and wished my heels and panties were not the only things I was wearing on my body.  My breasts were displayed for him, rising and falling with each nervous breath, and my eraser nipples were at attention, aching for his warm lips.  It was cold in the room with an air of dampness and my warmth down below served as my only source of heat.
I kept my eyes cast down as he advanced towards me.  In one quick move he was next to me and I looked up just in time to see his deliciously wicked smile again, before he reached up to tie a black satin necktie around my eyes.
My feelings were magnified as my sight was taken from me, in much the same way I wanted him to take me but not knowing when or what he would do.  I could hear his breathing, as once more his moist lips caressed the soft skin on my cheeks, etching their way to my open mouth.
He was loving, yet insistent.  Demonic, yet angelic.  A perfect match for my naughty girl mind and womanly body.
His hands slid down from behind my head when he finished enforcing my blindness.  One of his hands firmly wound his fingers through my thick curly hair and instantly forced my head to arch back.
This laid bare my chest, and my breasts were displayed for him to devour.  My nipples felt like they pierced his flesh when he pushed his skin against mine.  His chest was warm, my breasts were cold, and with his touch I inhaled sharply and moaned quietly.
His other hand slid slowly down my back, tracing my spine.  I felt my life energy leak out onto his hand, as if he was gorging on my being with his insistent fingers.  I wanted to grab at his shoulders, to hold onto his body while he worked my loneliness away with every stroke, with every thrust, with every tease.  My lips could not contain my moans nor could they stop my whimpers of need.  I no longer felt cold.
Just as quickly as he started is how quickly he stopped.  I’m not sure if I felt more sad or angry at that point.  I mean, here I was on display for him.  His toy.  The fantasy of being on display for someone to do with me what they wanted was happening, to be an exhibitionist and be watched, but I was also growing impatient.  Was I also expected to be turned on and turned off on his whim?
How much more of my being could I surrender to this devil?  Or perhaps the question was, how much more of my being did I want to give him?
I didn’t have much time to contemplate that or my anger as I felt his other hand stop at the small of my back and in one powerful, energetic and swift motion his arm wrapped around me and pulled my body towards him.  My whole body arched, and I could feel my weight pull down on the ropes that bound my hands as my feet lifted a few inches off of the floor.
I could feel my stomach touch his, while he pressed his khaki enclosed manhood against me, demanding its rite of passage.  His hands were clasping my soft skin and I could feel his eyes engorge my nakedness.
His answer to my silent questions was made.  All roads led back to him.  All surrender of mine to give, he would take.
To be continued…



Michelle PhillipsMichelle Phillips is a "Baby, I was born this way" erotica writer. She enjoys writing about taboo topics, such as: BDSM, bondage, role play, D/s and "non-mainstream" relationships. She has been writing naughty stories since she was a teenager and is fulfilling a dream to publish one of her many works. Although Michelle enjoys bringing about orgasmic responses from her writings, she would like to remind you they are for the 18+ crowd. Michelle grew up in a rural community surrounded by cornfields and tractors. There are many abandoned farm buildings still standing where she used to live and those buildings, along with many secluded areas, sights and sounds, contribute to her naughty nature. She hopes you will enjoy this first of many adventures to come.
One reviewer said of Exhibionist: “It’s 50 times better than 50 Shades of Grey” which is amazing praise indeed! Michelle’s second book is due out in June 2013, and we can’t wait to get our hot little hands on it…
Buy The Exhibitionist here: Amazon US

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