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Free Erotica - Turkish Delight by Leni King

Free Erotica - Turkish Delight by Leni King - Sh! Women's Store

Not only is Leni King treating us to a hot n’ sweet Free Erotica Friday teaser today, but she is also giving away copies of her book Lesbian Juices Volume 1! Read on for instructions on how to get yours…


Turkish Delight by Leni King

Turkish Delight by Leni King is an extract from one of two 5,000 word short stories in Lesbian Juices Volume II. The upcoming book is the second in the series and also contains an extensive collection of new erotic poems by the author.
As the extract opens, we join the protagonist on her summer holiday, trying on summer dresses in a shop in Kusadasi, Turkey.
Was it my imagination, was she half smiling and staring directly at my body? I met her gaze with a questioning expression and she held out the dress like a gentleman holding out a coat for his lady. I slipped it on and started to do up the top buttons.
Immediately the woman bent down in front of me and started buttoning the dress up as I, in turn, buttoned the top part, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and extreme arousal.
Reaching the top of my thighs, I felt her press one of the buttons close to my flesh. My legs started to feel like jelly and I was thankful I was wearing flip- flops rather than heels, as I steadied myself.
She fastened another button and another, until I felt her pressing the next one against my clit. It was too much. Immediately I felt my panties fill up with hot liquid and my nerve endings tingle like an electric shock. I gasped.
Did she realise the effect she was having on me? Was this something she did to all her customers? Was it my imagination even? No, it was definitely not my imagination. She was moving up over my belly button now and I was still swooning from the pleasure.
There were no other customers in the tiny shop and I was thankful of that.
The dress actually fitted quite well but I wanted more. I could not just pay for it and go. After the row with Julie I felt no guilt about this stranger’s touch. And anyway, I was not even sure if it was all in my head.
I stepped out of the cubicle for air and picked up a similar dress with buttons hanging on the rail.
“I would like to try this one on too,” I said.
“We close for lunch soon, I not have much time,” she said. I was suddenly disappointed and she must have understood it from the expression on my face.
“I go when you finish?” she suggested.
“Yes, yes,” I said.
My butch and femme voices were at odds with one another. Femme said the long-haired shopkeeper was shutting the shop as a hint I should leave now. Her advances were all in my head. Was it just the desperate interpretation from a frustrated customer, her logic crippled by a fractured relationship?
But Butch said "Go for it! This Turkish delight is as turned on by you as you are by her!"
Putting both voices aside, I returned to the cubicle and started unbuttoning my dress, ready to try on the next item. I paused on buttons around the waist, hoping she would enter to help me. I peaked around the curtain and saw her tidying up things on her desk and closing down her laptop. So Femme was right, it was all in my head then?
I passed the first dress out through the curtain.
"I will take this one for sure. Is there time for me to try on the other one if you are going for your lunch?"
"Sorry, I not understand."
I was in my underwear and conscious that my panties were very wet from her previous attentions. I held up the third dress.
"Shall I try it on? Will you help me?"
"Yes, yes, please try," she replied, in a sultry low voice that left me as confused as ever.
The pink swirly number had little shorts with it - a kind of flimsy one-piece. I had to fling off my flip-flops and bend over slightly to step into it.
She stepped into the cubicle and towards me, reaching for the garment and pulled it up over my shoulders, bringing her hands forward over my bra, pressing lightly against my breasts to button up the top half. Her touch coursed through me like fire and I gazed into her dark beautiful eyes.
"What is your name?"
"That's a beautiful name, it suits you," I said. But my words seemed pathetic in the face of the incredible desire I was feeling. My nipples were hard like tiny rocks pushing through my cotton bra. She brushed my right nipple slightly buttoning up the outfit. I could not help but let out a little gasp as the shock of her touch shot right down to my pussy, making every nerve ending in my whole body tingle.
"Very nice, very good for you", she said, stepping back slightly to look at the outfit and surely not oblivious to the double meaning. I looked in the mirror, only half interested in the pink number, but mesmerised by her dark eyes and long lashes watching my reflection as she stood behind me.
I tugged at the shorts section of the dress and her hands were suddenly on my bottom cheeks, cupping them with her hot hands.
"The size good, yes?"
"Yes!" I said and leant back into her, swooning from her touch. I felt her breasts on my back. Her nipples seemed hard, her hips firm against my buttocks as I fell into her. I could smell her hair, a sweet musky aroma.
Her hands moved forward, almost touching my pussy for a moment, before I steadied my balance and stood looking at her, trying to read her signs. Surely I hadn't imagined that? Surely she wanted this as much as I did?
I turned back around to meet her gaze and saw a gentle smile and a wicked sparkle in her eyes.
"Ok I'll take it," I said, as the thought crossed my mind that this could all just be part of her sales technique and highly conscious of my intended double meaning.
"Good, good," she replied and started to peel the little number off my shoulders and down over my rear.
As the dress dropped to the floor around my ankles, she grabbed my arms roughly and pulled my body towards her. The mound of her pussy clamped on my nether lips, which were very visible through my thin and saturated panties. As I reached out hungrily, grabbing her waist, our eyes met in a mutual expression of burning desire. I gasped and she silenced my breath by planting her big red lips onto mine.
Her tongue roughly searched my open mouth, pushing into the very depths of my throat and my pussy began throbbing and dripping even more. I could not remember ever having felt so turned on. Who would have thought such a feminine woman could be such an animal towards a complete stranger?
She pushed my panties down and cupped the bare flesh of my cheeks, grinding her sex against my clit, sending me into a complete spin. I tugged at the flimsy blouse she was wearing and my hands soon found her heaving breasts. She muttered something Turkish into my mouth as I squeezed and twisted her erect nipples while she continued to penetrate my throat with her tongue.
Suddenly she pulled back and looked at me…

And I’m afraid you will have to buy the book the read the other 4,000 words of Turkish Delight! But as is not being published until May 2013, I am offering readers the chance to get a copy of Lesbian Juices Volume I for free – yes FREE today 19 April and tomorrow 20 April!
About Leni King:
Leni (short for Eleni) King is a British-Greek Lesbian writer who has produced several poetry collections and short stories. King's work has been acclaimed for its in-depth erotic insights into lesbian life as well as powerful and evocative imagery. In her collection of poetry, Lesbian Juices readers will find both hot and steamy erotic poetry as well as thought-provoking, romantic and spiritual poems.
Find Leni King here. 

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