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How to Buy The Perfect Sex Toy Gift For A Partner

How to Buy The Perfect Sex Toy Gift - Sh! Women's Store

Buying a sex toy is great fun, but receiving one is even better!

At Sh!, we don't stock gifts of the blow-up variety, so if you're looking for a jokey stag night thingy, we can't help you. (Not even sorry). However, if you want a gift that shows care and consideration, we have pages and pages of fun products to choose from. Settle down and let our tips guide you!

How to choose a beautiful sex toy gift

Unless they have specifically asked for a realistic-looking toy, like a dildo that looks like a penis, it’s best to avoid replica chopped-off body parts. Instead, choose a beautiful toy made from a body-safe, sensual material like silicone.

If you have the budget, we recommend opting for a rechargeable sex toy. Rechargeable toys are a bit more expensive, but they’re generally of better quality. Rechargeable toys will also power up wherever they are, so they make great travel buddies.

Size-wise, it’s better to opt for smaller rather than larger. During our years helping customers choose gifts, we have come across so many men who assume their partners want “big.” And we always try to talk them done from this particular ledge. There is nothing wrong with preferring large-size toys, but unless your partner has specifically said they want a 10-inch dildo, put it down and go smaller. Our most popular toys are about 2 fingers wide in girth (we measure toys in “fingers”), far smaller than toys used in porn clips. Porn actresses are sexual Olympians – chances are your partner isn’t and will be far happier with a small-to-midsize sex toy.

Consider what type of toy to buy: An internal toy or an external toy.

It’s generally assumed that women & vulva-owners want toys that go inside (again, thanks porn!). Choosing an internal toy for someone is really quite intimate. Unless you are lovers, it’ll probably become awkward when you ask if they enjoyed their gift. It’s a bit… much. In our experience, a clitoral vibrator is a better bet, especially as most need clit stimulation to orgasm.

Buying a sex toy for a shy friend

It's clear your heart is in the right place but we recommend going gently if you're shopping for a shy friend. A small, cute gift is likelier to be used and enjoyed so again, leave the bigger toys on the shelf. This chic vibrator makes for a fabulous gift for a sex toy newbie. It's got 3 speeds and crystal adornment adds a dazzle. It's best to leave your friend to explore her gift without any nudge-nudge, wink-wink moments as these may be embarrassing them.

a slim, black vibrator with crystsl decorations

Noisy toys can be a problem if the receiver lives with family or flatmates. Wands and large toys are often louder, so make sure to check the volume rating on the product Tech Info tab before making your choice.

Buying a gift for a sex toy aficionado

If your friend is loud and proud about their love for sex toys, you want a gift to complement their toy box rather than gifting a duplicate of something they already have. You need to be a bit sneaky! Ask them what’s new on the market and what you should be looking for (for “yourself”.)

The Wheel of Pleasure vibrator is a fun addition to any toy box. Switch on the wheel, and the smooth silicone tips spin around one after another for soft licks and flick on all the most sensitive parts...

This gorgeous gift offers 9 speeds and 9 pleasure patterns. As this pleasure wheel is waterproof, it can be enjoyed for “me-time” in the bath and shower. It’s definitely the gift that will keep on giving!

a bright pink vibrator with a wheel of soft silicone tongues

Buying a sex toy for a lover

This one is slightly different and even more fun, as you’ll hopefully get to watch your partner enjoying it! 

Couples sex toys are great additions for both orgasm reliability and play. Your first consideration is whether it’s a toy to be used when you’re apart, or if it’s for enjoying together.

If the sex toy gift is for when you are apart, you could choose a toy with app control. App control lets the two of you play together, even when you are apart, so it’s a win-win!

If you’re buying a toy for the two of you to enjoy together, remote-controlled vibrators are lots of fun. There are many different styles to choose from, so it depends on what kind of toy you have in mind. Remote control toys can be used at home, or if you like to amp it up, out in public. It can be thoroughly entertaining to watch a partner squirm as you discreetly scroll through the various pleasure modes...

Sex toy presents for penis or prostate people

So far, we've concentrated on vulvas & vaginas but let's welcome in the peens too.

Penis toys have come a long way and we have a cherry-picked selection of fun toys for penises & prostates. We swear by Tenga products as the Number 1 sex toy for penises. You just cannot go wrong. They're cute, they do the job beautifully and they are not overly expensive. Tenga Eggs, in particular, fly off the shelves and we even have mothers buying them for their frisky teenage sons!

Prostate play is becoming more and more popular and we have some great toys for the tush too. If the receiver is new to anal play, it's crucial to start small and these vibrating anal beads are great for newbies. The string of silicone beads features a removable bullet vibrator with 9 modes, controlled via a handy remote. To make sure they have a thoroughly good time, we recommend adding a bottle of anal lube too.

A black Tenga egg with pale pink hearts on the wrapping

Wrap it up

A beautiful gift deserves beautiful wrapping. Take the time to wrap up your prezzie, and present it when the receiver can enjoy the unwrapping. If you're not a whiz with wrapping paper, just let us know, and we'll do it for you. All our goodies are sent out wrapped in tissue paper anyway, but we will go the extra mile for a special present.

It may seem a hoot to have them unwrap a sex toy in front of family & friends but trust us… Just no. Don't do it. Always give a sex toy gift in private. If the situation requires something to open and 'ooh' over, offer a small present like flowers or chocolate in front of family & friends, then hand over the sexy gift when the two of you are alone.

Two gifts wrapped up in paper with pink and purple hearts.

Gifts for across the miles

If you're shopping for someone special far away, why not opt for an online gift voucher or an educational sex course instead? This is far easier than trying to send products. Brexit has ensured parcels get stuck in customs, and the receiver may even have to pay a fee to release their gift from the claws of customs in their country...

  • gift voucher shows you care, but they get the fun of choosing their perfect gift!
  • A Shush Life course is a great gift, and they'll get hours of pleasure out of it! Each course is pre-recorded and the receiver can watch online whenever it suits them. The course is theirs to keep for life, just like an actual sex toy, and they will learn new, sexy skills to boost their pleasure to the max.

We hope our tips have helped. All you have left to do now is choose a fabulous gift - shop here!

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