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Free Erotica 'An Executive Decision' By KD Grace

Free Erotica 'An Executive Decision' By KD Grace - Sh! Women's Store

We have a real treat for you on this Friday,  courtesty of acclaimed authoress (and our very good friend of Sh!) KD Grace!

KD Grace is a regular at our erotic book reading nights, and she’s always wonderfully fun to have around.

Her books are ranked Top 3 in the UK Erotica Chart, and if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading one of her hot novels, we recommend you get yourself a copy and lock yourself in the bathroom for a little bit of Romance Served Hot

An Executive Decision
K D Grace writing as
Grace Marshall

(1st novel of the Executive Decisions Trilogy)


Overworked CEO Ellison Thorne has no time for sex, let alone romance. The only answer, at least where his retiring business partner Beverly is concerned, is a no-strings sex clause in her replacement’s contract, designed to make Ellis’ busy life easier – and hotter. But she’s joking, right?
When Dee Henning takes over Beverly’s job, sparks fly between her and Ellis, but work takes priority in driven Dee’s life too. Can one night of passion in a Paris hotel room prove Beverly’s Sex Clause is their secret to success in the boardroom and the bedroom, and what will happen if that private clause becomes public knowledge?

An Executive Decision Excerpt:

In spite of the late hour, there were still plenty of people milling around in front of the restaurant and in the lobby when Dee arrived at the hotel in New York. She was surprised to find Ellis was one of them. Dressed in the usual business attire, he still looked fresh enough to eat – a thought that sent warm shivers down her spine. He greeted her with a look reserved for a favorite dessert.  After slipping the bellman some money to take her bag to the suite, he stood quietly at her side the few minutes it took her to check in.

As they walked to the elevator, he slid a proprietary hand to the small of her back. She was certain his massaging fingers must be scorching tight little circles all the way through her skirt to the flesh below. The presence of a couple of tourists in ‘I heart NYC’ tee shirts tempered her urge to rip his clothes off and ride him hard all the way up to their suite. On the second floor, an elderly couple and a large party of Asian businessmen crowded in, and Ellis and Dee found themselves relegated to the back corner.

The businessmen had clearly been partying. Though Dee didn’t understand the language, she could tell by the loud laughter and ribald gestures that the group had imbibed enough to reach the point at which rude jokes were the order of the evening. The elderly couple smiled demurely the way people do who don’t understand what’s being said, but are quietly suspicious they might be the topic of conversation.

Amid the noise and laughter and jostling of sweaty bodies Ellis and Dee were pushed ever deeper into the corner. Mantling her protectively with broad shoulders and an open jacket, Ellis slid his hands under Dee’s blouse and with one deft motion, found the clasp at the front of her bra and opened it. Instinctively she leaned forward into his embrace until her breasts were completely freed into his hands.

Whatever the joke was, it had the businessmen’s full attention, and the couple and the tourists were too far to the front to notice anything.

‘I can’t believe you just did that.’ Dee whispered, applying plenty of tongue to seashell hollow of his ear and inhaling sharply as he ground himself against her, forcing her back still further into the corner.

‘If the damned elevator doesn’t hurry up, I’m gonna do a whole lot more than that.’ He took time out from his kneadings to guide her hand into his pocket, then shifted just enough to impress upon her the urgency of the situation.

‘My God, Mr Thorne, I’m amazed you can even walk.’

‘Actually, I was hoping for a ride, Ms Henning.’ He guided her hand to mirror and intensify the tight, almost undetectable rocking of his hips.

Meanwhile the businessman produced a bottle of something volatile and passed it around while singing a version of ‘Yesterday’ that would have brought tears to Lennon and McCartney’s eyes. Once assured Dee knew her way around the inside of his pocket, Ellis retraced the route to the closest breast. His other hand snaked up under the front of her skirt, and with a slight tilting of her hips to open a path, he maneuvered into her panties. In the subtle, but intense rubbing and stroking that ensued, she nearly forgot where they were until the door opened and disgorged everyone but themselves and the elderly couple. Ellis quickly pulled his hand from beneath her skirt and licked wet fingers, the way a chef might test his favorite recipe. In a futile attempt to look respectable, they rode the last two floors straightening clothing and breathing heavily, finally making a quick escape to their suite.

By the time they got inside, Ellis’s shirt was unbuttoned and he was working on his belt. She yanked down the zipper of her skirt and stepped out of it.

Standing with his trousers around his ankles, Ellis shoved her blouse and the unhooked bra out of the way and reintroduced her nipples to his enthusiastic tongue. ‘Come on.’ He gasped, when he finally pulled away and kicked aside his trousers. ‘My bed’s in here.’ Hooking a finger into the waistband of her thong he pulled her at a fast trot through the sitting room. At the door to his bedroom, she grabbed his boxers from behind nearly tripping him as she tugged them down, freeing his erection, and giving herself a mouth-watering view of his ass.

Struggling to regain his balance, he turned on her. ‘So, that’s how you want to play, is it?’

‘This is how I want to play.’ She pushed him against the wall and dropped to her knees in front of him before he could take the initiative. Then she dragged the boxers down still further so she could cup the weight of his balls in one hand while the other closed around his erection.

‘Dee.’ His voice was tight, edgy. ‘Dee, what are you doing?’ He ran a hand down to cup her chin and lifted it until she met his gaze.

‘I told you I wanted to taste you. You said you’d put it on the calendar. You didn’t forget, did you? Of course not. Ellison Thorne would never forget an important meeting.’ She took him into her mouth, afraid if she waited she might lose courage, she might remember who she really was in this relationship and not be able to do what she so badly wanted to do.

‘Jesus, Dee.’ He sucked breath between his teeth and grunted. ‘I won’t be able to hold off long with you doing that. Are you sure?’

‘Positive.’ She pulled away from him just enough to speak, running her fisted hand down the length of him, slickened and shiny with her saliva. ‘I want to taste you. I want to see your pleasure.’

He was thick and heavy, more than she could take into her mouth. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his erection, where it rose from the soft press of pubic curls. She sheathed him with her lips hard pressed around his girth, her tongue stroking and caressing the underside of his penis, taking in the shape of him, the rounded tip, the tight slit, the path of veins coursing beneath the skin. His flesh was warm and hard and the scent of was slightly yeasty, like bread baking. It was a scent that made her hungry in parts of her that had nothing to do with her belly. His large hand cupped the back of her head and controlled her movements, and she let him, yielding and opening more to him with each controlled thrust of his hips. All of him was hard, like he was one giant muscle waiting to flex, waiting to explode with power. And she felt all of his need as though it were her own building between her legs where she gaped hungry and begging and wet.

‘Are you sure?’ he asked again, his voice forced up the back of his throat with effort she felt at the base of his spine where she now rested an open palm. ‘Because I can’t … Because I won’t be able to …’

She murmured and tried to nod, intensifying her efforts to match the crescendo of his need, tightening her grip until her cheeks ached, until her tongue thrust, until her eyes watered with her efforts to breathe around his assault on her mouth, the assault she had encouraged, the assault she had demanded.

His control slipped. She gagged, then placed a hand against his hip and forced herself to relax as his fingers curled in her hair, as his breath caught in his throat, as his control slipped again then vanished. He shuddered his orgasm into her mouth in a strangled cry that could have been pain as easily as pleasure. At first he tried to push her away, but she clung to him taking his semen, all of it, taking the taste of him, the rich, thick taste of him onto her tongue, into her throat, swallowing back the heat and the tension and the power of the man she admired most in the world until she was weak and giddy from the act, until she was euphoric and drunk from the feel of him. Then he slid down the wall onto the floor next to her, taking her into his arms. ‘Now you know how I taste.’ He took her mouth like he wanted to possess it, like he wanted to devour it. When he pulled away, he forced a laugh that tightened his abdominal muscles beneath her open palm. ‘And now I know how I taste.’

Then he shifted and rearranged himself until her back rested against his front, his penis pressed, still wet and still at half-massed against the side of her spine. ‘You need to come now, Dee. It’s your turn.’ He kissed her nape, then wrapped both arms around her, one hand kneading and caressing her breasts, the other moving down over her belly, down to cup her pubis. And as she arched into his palm, his middle finger found its way first to circle the sheened pearl of her clit, then to push into the slick, swollen folds of her. ‘God, woman,’ he whispered against her neck, ‘how can anyone feel so damn good?’ He slipped a second finger into her and began to thrust and stroke while his thumb circled and pressed her clitoris. ‘Just a quickie to make you feel better then I’ll be ready for round two’ As if to demonstrate, he thrust his already burgeoning erection playfully against her back. One last hard stroke of his thumb sent her over the edge, nearly knocking him in the chin with the top of her head as she spasmed against him.

‘There. That’s better, now isn’t it?’ He kissed her ear. ‘And now that we’ve cleared the calendar and taken care of the more urgent business, we can play.’ He helped her to her feet, turned her to face him then lifted her onto his erection. He pushed in deep, filling her to capacity. She wrapped her legs around him and for the first several thrust, she ached from the grudging stretch to accommodate, then she forgot about the ache and felt only the building friction and the promise of more pleasure to come as he carried her fully impaled to his bed. There, he rode her deep into expensive linens, putting the mattress to the test, and it soon became evident that he was up for the long run.


If you enjoyed this excerpt, you will love the Executive Decisions Trilogy.

Find out more about Grace Marshall and K D Grace here.

Available from:
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Xcite Books
Amazon UK
Amazon US
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Xcite Books

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