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Free Erotica 'Pussy Pleasure' by Annie Player

Free Erotica 'Pussy Pleasure' by Annie Player - Sh! Women's Store

Annie Player is a multi-tasking work-aholic with her fingers all the pies a creative could ever ask for. Events, festivals, art galleries, audio and of course writing. 

Annie is a regular performer at the Filthy Mouths & Evil Tongues events; evenings of erotica, erotic poetry and sexy games for our fun-loving guests.

We love having Miss Player perform her poems ~ she owns the floor, sashaying around, flirting with her audience, leaving us breathless and wanting more…

Annie’s contribution to Free Erotica Friday is a poem called Pussy Pleasure (no real introduction needed here because it does exactly what it says on the tin!) Enjoy!

Pussy Pleasure

Hold my sweet pussy

With your mouth

And start loosely

To waiver your tongue


And cruising


Barely touching

Till I’m hot

And I’m seething

Then pin open my lips

Ready to tease me

Tip your tongue on my clit

For a second

And wetten

My pussy with spit

And your feverous kiss

Push your fingers inside me

Explore the new territory



With every ridge found

Until you hear my drowning sound

Of pleasure

Now stay there

And play there

Feather your tongue

Pulled up and tort

Just barely above

My solid pink nib

Raising for more

Till I’m full of your lust

Till I’m purely all yours

Suck stronger

Bite harder

Push deeper

And squeeze

All this desire clean out of me

Till I’m flushed and It’s flowing

Fast past your wrist

Kissing your strength on my wet swollen lips

Now fist me you bitch

So tender

I grab a strong hold on my tits

And scream

Leaning in

To your rhythm

I’m split

And I claw ‘cos I’m raw

And I’m beaming and sore

Pull out

Enjoy watching my fanny pulsating

And my heart

Through my breasts

Rapidly racing

I’m panting and dripping

You’re wanking and dipping

Your cocks head in and out

Of the edge of my wet

And then into my mouth

My jaw opens wide

I’m sucking you hard

As if it’s the last meal

The final scene cast

And I’m loving it

Tugging it

Till you let out a gasp

And spill over my face

Then down, over my lace

Both smiling

Both sweating

Both licking my lips

Both wasted

And chasing

The last taste with a kiss.


You can find Pussy Pleasure in Annie's ebook, Living Libido Loco. A collection of erotic poems that covers the sweeter, cheekier side of sex, exploring sensual fantasies, girl on girl, the art of fellatio, splosh and a little light bondage, each playful poem tells a different story.

Buy now from Amazon.

Visit Annie's website for more free reads, audio samples and commissioned work.

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