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Vibrator Design Awards

Nomi Tang's Better Than Chocolate vibe has joined the Fun Factory Delight as a winner of the Red Dot Design Award - and here at Sh!, we think the awards are very much deserved for these two design-led vibrators
[caption id="Fun Factory Delight" align="alignright" width="100"]Fun factory Delight Fun Factory Delight[/caption]
The Fun Factory Delight, a winner in 2008, was the first luxury vibrator to be recognised for it's innovative vibrator design and awarded a prestigious by Red Dot Design Award. It had a delicious G-spot curve plus clit stimulator, it was perfectly ergonomic and made of body-friendly materials, and it came with its own case which doubled as a charger.(Fun Factory have refined the vibrator design even further since)  The Delight now comes with the revolutionary Click and Charge charger technology, so they've dispensed with the case and reduced the price accordingly to £79.99). The Delight also offers 8 speeds and three pulsating settings for extra fun, and it's one of the hottest G-spot toys we know of!
[caption id="Better Than Chocolate" align="alignleft" width="100"]by Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate[/caption]
Nomi Tang's design vibrator is another example of good vibrator design;Small and smooth, it's made of sensuous TPE and polycarbonate, and has a curvy shape that's great for all sorts of stimulation. Added to that, we love the controls - you can switch it on and off, speed up, slow down, switch to a different pulsating pattern of vibration and lock on your favourite speed...all with one touch. The control pad responds to your touch just like an iPod. The shape means it's a perfect clit toy, or a couple's toy - it even works as a boy's toy! Both these gorgeous prize-winners are part of a revolution in sex toy design that's been going on quietly for a few years. Luxury erotic toys are more and more in demand, and manufacturers like Fun Factory, Lelo, and Je Joue are coming up with stylish, classy, and very sexy toys - and here at Sh!, we love'em!

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