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Special Edition Christmas Dildos 2021 - Handmade at Sh!

Special Edition Christmas Dildos 2021 - Sh! Women's Store

Our Special Edition Christmas dildos are ready!

These festive dildos in a subtly sparkly, starry-starry night marble design are inspired by the awe-inspiring magic and romance of a Christmas night. Each Starry Night dildo is hand-poured in our London Studio using 100% top-grade, velvety smooth silicone. Featuring the classic Sh! heart-shaped bases, they can be used handheld or in a strap-on harness. 

A winning combination of perfect penetrative pleasures and subtly sparkly design in dark purply-blue with delicate white marbling, one of these handmade dildos will make a beautiful gift for someone special this Christmas.

Cupid 3 Starry Night dildo is 6 inches long and 1.5 inches at its widest point. With a rounded head and curvy, tapered shaft, this dildo delivers gently filling sensations.

Twista 2 Special Edition dildo is ample in size; 7 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter means this dildo delivers deeply fulfilling penetration.

Honey 3 Christmas dildo is 6 inches long with a girthy 1.75-inch diameter shaft and rounded head, ergonomically angled for G-Spot pleasure.

Marbling combines two or more colours to create an entirely unique pattern. As the dildos are hand-poured, it’s possible the marbling will come out with one colour more prevalent than another. Sometimes the colours will look fairly even, and other times it will come out more blended. Please be aware that the Special Edition Starry Night dildo you receive may not look exactly like the image shown.

Unique and Festive Sex Toys for Christmas

Treat yourself or a loved one to a sparkly, sexy gift this Christmas. The elves have been working hard this year, and nothing will get you more in the spirit than an orgasm from one of these magical toys. If you’re looking for more fun and sexy Christmas gifts, explore our range or try one of our specially made Pleasure Gift Sets.

Special Edition Christmas Dildos

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