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Popular Sex Toys This Week

What's Popular in Sex Toys This Week!?

Busy day today - lots of orders coming in, so the Mail Order Girlz have spent a busy morning picking, wrapping, and posting out lots of lovely sex toys Once again, there are a couple of toys that are very popular this week, so we thought we'd share them with you... [caption id="O" align="alignleft" width="100"]O'My Natural Lube My Natural Lube" O'My Natural Lube[/caption] O'My Natural Lube O'My Natural is a fantastic lube with a difference. Unlike our other yummy O'My lubes, O'My Natural is neutral in taste. It's designed to mimic as closely as possible a woman's natural lubrication, so O'My Natural is a fabulous choice if you fancy a little extra lube. It's also made with all natural ingredients like Yohimbe Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, and Ginseng Extract, and as it's paraben-free and sugar-free, it's very good for ladiez who react to other lubes. Add that it comes in an elegant bottle with a super-simple squeezy top - we highly recommend O'My Natural Lube! Je Joue G-Ki [caption id="Je Joue G-Ki" align="alignright" width="100"]Je Joue G-Ki Je Joue G-Ki Vibrator[/caption] The G-Ki is a revolutionary new G-Spot and clit vibrator with a twist - or in fact, two twists! It can be gently angled and locked in place to make your perfect G-spot curve, and it can even be bent so that it provides clit-stimulation as well! With three speeds and five pulsation and escalation settings, the G-Ki can give you a bit of everything. Add to that that it's rechargeable and made of luxurious silicone, and we can't see how you can go wrong! Ultra Vector Egg [caption id="Ultra Vector Egg" align="alignleft" width="100"]Ultra Vector Egg Vibrator Ultra Vector Egg Vibrator[/caption] The Ultra Vector Egg is a favourite egg vibrator here at Sh! - lots of ladiez come back for another when their first finally wears out... The Vector Egg has with a seperate battery pack powered by four AA batteries, and a powerfully buzzy egg vibe. The super-simple controls give access to seven very sexy settings - three speeds, plus escalating, pulsating, and one setting that gives you a bit of both! The egg is big enough to provide a little bit of internal stimulation too, and the buzz is very powerful - one of the strongest toys we have in stock. That's another busy Monday nearly over - but we'd love to have a busy Tuesday too, so keep the orders coming in, ladiez!

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