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How to Use a Stainless Steel Sex Toy

How to Use a Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Stainless steel sex toys are stunningly beautiful to look at and incredibly erotic to play with. Toys made from stainless steel aren't cheap, but if cared for properly, they last a lifetime. A great investment!

Here are our tips on how to play with a sex toy made from stainless steel. 

Stainless steel dildos 

Stainless steel dildos are fantastic if you love G-spot play. 

Njoy Pure Wand is a firm and weighty stainless steel dildo. A true delight for internal pleasure, Pure Wand is particularly popular with women & vulva owners who are exploring squirting. 

Njoy Pure Wand is less for thrusting and more for delivering pressure in all the right places. Due to its ergonomic curvature, rocking the wand back and forth offers firm pressure to the G-spot. With Pure Wand, small movements give great results!

Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Sex Toy

The beautiful Njoy Fun Wand is another popular stainless steel dildo. Double-ended for versatile play, Fun Wand is a slimmer treat than Pure Wand.

One end of the Fun Wand features three steel beads for delicious pops of pleasure when moved in and out. The other end offers a singular steel bulb for spot-on pressure play. Like NjoyPure Wand, Fun Wand is safe for anal play. 

Stainless steel toys for anal play

Steel may seem an unnecessarily firm material for anal toys - and it is. If you're a newbie, we recommend starting with a soft silicone plug, which is far friendlier for the butt.

But, for anal afficionados, stainless steel dildos and plugs can be an orgasmic choice.

Butt plugs made from stainless steel are weighty - which is very sexy. The weight offers an unrivalled feeling of fullness in yer tush. This sensation is supremely arousing and coupled with play at the front (clit/vulva/vagina or penis), you may find the pleasure intensity increasing tenfold!

A stainless steel butt plug with ridges and a purple jewel in the base

Stainless steel toys are also popular with men & prostate owners.

Njoy Pfun Plug is designed to reach the prostate, deep inside the male-bodied butt. Steel plugs offer a lovely sense of fullness when used for anal play. Rather than sliding the Pfun in and out, try leaving it in place and rocking or twisting it gently - this may be all you need for an explosive P-spot orgasm!

Make sure to go slow when using any anal toy made from stainless steel. Don't insert until fully aroused, and warm up with fingers or softer toys before reaching for the steel plug.

Always use lube for anal play, and use lots of it! Steel toys become exceptionally slippery with lube, but you'll likely need to reapply to ensure anal play is pain-free and sensual.

If there is any resistance from the ass, keep playing and teasing the butt until it lets the lubed-up dildo or butt plug inside.

Lube for steel sex toys

There are no specific lube rules or recommendations for your stainless steel toy. Steel sex toys work equally well with water-based lube or silicone-based lube. So - use your favourite lube :)

A see-through bottle of Uberlube

How to clean sex toys made from stainless steel 

Clean your stainless steel toy with warm water and an antibacterial handwash. Rinse it well with clean water, then dry and polish it with a lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and cloths, or you'll lose the lovely shiny surface.

Tricks to try with stainless steel sex toys

  • Stainless steel dildos usually have two ends of differing sizes and weight. Experiment with both ends to find out which you prefer.
  • Stainless steel toys can be chilled in the fridge (never in the freezer!) for a cool treat on hot days.
  • Stainless steel sex toys can be warmed in a bowl of warm (but not hot) water before play - great for cold winter days!

Stainless steel sex toys are smooth, non-porous and incredibly weighty. They are easy to clean and practically indestructible. After 30+ years in the business, we have yet to hear from a customer who has managed to break their steel toy (this isn't a challenge, babes!). Steel dildos are for life!

Read more stainless steel sex toy advice here. 

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