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Black Leather Spanking & Teasing

Our collection of Black Leather Spanking & Teasing chosen by women. Spanking and sensory toys to delight your largest erogenous zone; your skin! We handmake our beautiful spanking paddles and complement our collection with quality whips, crops, feathers and ticklers, as well as spanking erotica to inspire you...

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8 of 21 products

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8 of 21 products

  • Sh! Women's Store Crops Pink Spanking CropSh! Women's Store Crops Red Spanking Crop
    Spanking Crop
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  • Sh! Women's Store Spankers Sh! Padded Heart Spanker
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    Sh! Padded Heart Spanker
  • Classic Leather Tawse
  • Heart Tawse
  • Luxury Heart Paddle

spanking FAQ's

There's a whole heap of reasons why between 60%-70% of peeps find spanking a turn-on.
- Activates nerve endings which also trigger sexual stimulation.
- Bottom is an erogenous zone.
- Bottom is close to genitals - getting it rosy arouses these areas.
- Releases built-up tension (we hold tension in our buttocks)
- Creates a natural high by releasing endorphins.
- Role-play is a turn-on

- Padded areas such as buttocks and thighs and are safe for spanking.
- Joints or bony areas are not safe for spanking - avoid spine, backs of knees, ribcage and pelvis.
- Avoid areas of the body which shield major organs like the kidneys (lower back)
- Practise on a pillow to become confident of being able to strike only the safe areas of body.

Bring up your spanking fantasy when you are both comfortable and relaxed, preferably out of the bedroom, to avoid unnecessary pressure. Asking someone what they fantasize about puts them in a vulnerable position, and they might worry you will judge them. Confiding something about yourself first will help make your partner feel safer and happier to share.
- 'I'd love you to spank me ( or 'I'd love to spank you';) Just thinking about it really turns me on. Is that something you'd like to try sometime?'
If they say no (which can be a knee-jerk reaction when out of comfort zone) leave the thought/ fantasy to percolate...

Aftercare is the kinky version of pillow talk. Take some time to check in with each other as you both come down from the hormonal rush. Aftercare after spanking can be kissing, rubbing sore areas better, cuddling or eating something nice together.

Yes, you should use a safeword for spanking. A safeword allows both the spanker and the spankee to get into the fantasy, safe in the knowledge that, with the safeword used, the spanking will halt, no questions asked.

Spanking Paddle with red heart cut-out and red feather tickler

Erotic Spanking

Spanking is an activity that many folks enjoy. Unfortunately, we’ve seen all sorts of unsafe behaviour; many assume it’s about hitting as hard as possible and preferably without the receiver knowing it’s coming. A bit of a sharp “surprise”!

This kind of behaviour will most likely result in the person cracking the whip against an unsuspecting partners backside never being allowed to spank again. Which would be fair.

However, spanking is incredibly erotic when done correctly – and the receiver will definitely want more!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to spanking

First of all, our advice is to always practice on a pillow before going anywhere near a human being’s beautiful, tender skin. Then test the sensations on yourself so you are aware of the sensations you will be administering...

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